Best players of Women Champions League 2014/15 1st week

Volleybox 2014-11-15 11:22 1411 views
CEV has posted on its official YouTube Channel the Dream Team of the Week of the first round of this competition. Only best players play there: Naz Aydemir, Juliann Faucette, Yeon-Koung Kim, Francesca Marcon, Stefana Veljković, Jaroslava Pencova and Mythe Schoot. Dream Team of the Week is selected to zoom in on those seven players, one on each court position, who left their marks by creating the most magical moments that put the beauty of the sport on full display.


Naz Aydemir   (Vakifbank Istanbul)
Juliann Faucette   (RC Cannes)
Yeon-Koung Kim   (Fenerbahce Istanbul)
Francesca Marcon   (Yamamay Busto Arsizio)
Stefana Veljković   (Chemik Police)
Jaroslava Pencova   (Dresdner SC)
Mythe Schoot   (Dresdner SC)

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