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Best Volleyball Actions by Polina Rahimova | Women's IOQT 2019

Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polina_rahimova

Polina Rahimova (Azerbaijani: Polina Rəhimova; born 5 June 1990) is an Uzbekistani-born Azerbaijani indoor volleyball player that plays for Brazilian club SESI/Vôlei Bauru and Azerbaijan women's national volleyball team.

In December 2015, during her time in Japan, Rahimova achieved 58 points in a single match, setting a world record.

2008-09 Novotel Cup "Best Scorer"
2008-09 Novotel Cup "Most Valuable Player"
2008-09 Dubai Volley Tournament "Best Blocker"
2009-10 Azerbaijan Superleague "Best Scorer"
2009-10 Azerbaijan Cup "Best Scorer"
2010 World Championship qualification "Best Server and Best Spiker"
2010-11 Azerbaijan Superleague "Best Scorer and Best Server"
2011-12 Azerbaijan Superleague "Best Server"
2014-15 V-League "Best Scorer, Best Server and Best Spiker"
2016 European League "Most Valuable Player"

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Polina Rahimova

Polina Rahimova (Poli) Azerbaijan

Height: 198cm
Weight: 73kg
Spike: 330cm
Block: 305cm
Current club: Sesi Vôlei Bauru (Brazil)


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