Bulgaria - Cuba (World Grand Prix 2013, full match)

voleifuturo 2013-08-07 • 960 views
Debutants from Bulgaria won all sets against Cuba national team and made not many errors (13, while Cubans made 21). Best scorers were Elitsa Vasilieva (14 points, 67% in attack) and Dobriana Rabadzhieva (11 points, 82% in attack). Bulgaria coach Marcello Abbondanza: "I am happy with the victory, and overall today, we played our best game so far. The team is maturing and playing better game after game and as the coach of the team, this is very important to see that the team is developing". Bulgaria captain Strashimira Filipova: "This game is very important to us. Especially that this is the first time we played against Cuba. Cuba’s team is very young but very strong so we are very happy with the win and we enjoyed the match very much".

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