Cuba - Thailand (World Grand Prix 2013, full match)

voleifuturo 2013-08-11 • 745 views
The first match in group J of the World Grand Prix 2013. Thailand had some problems with young and inexperienced players what shows us result. The game wasn't on really high level, there were many errors. Many players from Thailand had 10 points and more, key player was outside spiker, Sittirak Onuma (15 points). Main Cuban weapon was wing-spiker: Yoana Palacio with 15 points. On the press conference, Thailand captain Wilavan Apinyapong said: “It was not easy because the Cubans are a very strong, active team. But we know a lot about our weaknesses as a side and we have tried to solve them, and improve our game. Without our coach we cannot reach success.”

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