Merging a beach and indoor player?

sitenoise 338
2021-08-27 • 364 Aufrufe • 2 replies

Can I just hit the “Dupe” button? Seems like that might not be the right thing to do, but if it is , is it better to do it from the beach or indoor side?

These are the same person:



pedeshtrian 43 14
vor 1 Monat

It should be fine both ways but I prefer to remove indoor player as a duplicate because if a problem occurs during the merging then completing the indoor career by adding clubs is much easier than completing the beach career via adding partners and then adding those partnership to the beach tournaments.

On the other hand, the real problematic case was merging two beach players. I haven't done it recently so I don't know whether there is an improvement or not but in the past, some partnerships (and also the registered tournaments with that partnership) in the duplicate player were removed after the merging and you had to add all of them again.

sitenoiseAuthor 338 7
vor 1 Monat

It appears to have been a successful merge. Thank you

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