Dinamo Bucuresti - Vakifbank Istanbul (full match)

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Dinamo's main problem was lack of third good-scoring wing spiker. Surpringly disappointing performance had Mirela Corjeutanu, who shone in last game against Gent and today she was changed in first set. Unfortuanately, back-up Diana Carbuneanu didn't good job neither. In Vakifbank rest had opposite Jovana Brakocevic, who was replaced by Polen Uslupehlivan - best scorer of game together with Carolina Costagrande. Also significant part of game was serve - Vakifbank had 14 aces throughout 3 sets! "We tried to play our best but it was not enough even to win one set", said Dinamo Romprest General Manager Marian Stefan. "VakifBank deserved to win this game and they truly are a world-class team". "We had prepared for a very difficult match and a tough opponent, so we are not too disappointed even though tonight we lost in three sets", concluded team captain Diana Nenova.
Date: 11.12.2013
Place: "Dinamo Bucaresti" Hall, Bucaresti (ROU)
Match: Dinamo Bucuresti (ROU)- Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR) 0:3 (Group C, 5th match)
Kind of tournament: Women Champions League 2013/14

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Wonderful match!

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