ASEAN Grand Prix 2019 Leg 1&2 Results and Awards

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ASEAN Grand Prix 2019 Leg 1&2 Results and Awards

The 2019 ASEAN Grand Prix is the inaugural edition of the ASEAN Grand Prix, a new annual international women's volleyball tournament contested by 4 national teams that are the members of the Southeast Asian Zonal Volleyball Association (SEAZVA), the sport's regional governing body affiliated to Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC).

Leg 1 - 2019 SAT Thailand Volleyball Invitation, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand Sept 20-22, 2019

Leg 2 - 2019 PHISGOC Volleyball Test Event, Laguna, Philippines Oct 4–6, 2019

Four SEAZVA national teams entered the inaugural season.

  • Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Leg 1 Venue

All matches for Leg 1 are held at Korat Chatchai Hall, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, from 20 to 22 September 2019.

  • All times are Thailand Standard Time (UTC+07:00).
DateTime Score Set1Set2Set3Set4Set5TotalVid
9/2014:00Indonesia3 – 2Philippines25–2126–2812–2525–1815–9 103–101YT
9/2016:30Thailand3 – 0Vietnam25–1825–1425–22  75–54YT
9/2114:00Thailand3 – 1Philippines25–1325–2123–2525–20  98–79YT
9/2116:30Vietnam0 – 3Indonesia19–2521–2515–25  55–75YT
9/2214:00Philippines3 – 2Vietnam25–2122–2525–2115–25 15–12 102–104YT
9/2216:30Thailand3 – 1Indonesia25–1727–2925–2025–12  102–78YT


FINAL Standings LEG 1

RankTEAM   Sets  Points  
# WLPointsWLRatioWLRatio


Awards LEG 1 (Video)

MVPOnuma SittirakTHA
Best SpikerChatchu-On MoksriTHA
Best ServerMegawati HangestriINA
Best SetterTri Retno Mutiara LutfiINA
Best BlockerMary Joy BaronPHI
Best LiberoNguyen Thi Kim LienVIE


LEG 2 Venue

All matches for Leg 2 are will be held in Santa Rosa Sports Complex, Laguna, Philippines from 4 to 6 October 2019

  • All times are Philippine Standard Time (UTC+08:00)
DateTime Score Set1Set2Set3Set4Set5TotalVid
10/415:00Philippines3–0Vietnam25–2125–2325–21  75–65YT
10/417:00Indonesia0–3Thailand16–2517–2521–25  54–75YT
10/515:00Indonesia3–1Vietnam29–2725–2023–2525–17 102–89YT
10/517:00Philippines0–3Thailand12–2516–2510–25  38–75YT
10/615:00Thailand3–0Vietnam25–2125–1225–11  75–44YT-YT-YT
10/617:00Philippines1–3Indonesia21–2517–2525–2221–25 84–97YT


FINAL Standings LEG 2

RankTEAM   Sets  Points  
# WLPointsWLRatioWLRatio


Awards LEG 2 (Video)

MVPPleumjit ThinkaowTHA
Best SpikerPimpichaya KokramTHA
Best ServerRatri WulandariPHI
Best SetterTri Retno Mutiara LutfiINA
Best BlockerMary Joy BaronINA
Best LiberoDawn MacandiliPHI
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