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I follow primarily Japanese volleyball but grew fond of the Turkish NT over time. The FIVB U20 Championship (which my girls won!) introduced me to Derya Cebecioğlu. 

I just watched her club team play for the first time this morning and wow. It's like a dream team of young Turkish players with a Koolhaas mom. And the 16 year old Romanian girl Alexia Ioana Căruțașu is an extra treat. 

I really enjoy the Derya / Tugba OH duo. Such different personalities. Tugba seems like the sweetest person on earth while Derya looks like she'd bite your head off if you looked at her askance. 

I hope the team does well this season. I will be rooting for them

Tugba and Buket waiting for a challenge



Beri 1 1
11 months ago
AGY to win the championship against all odds in!! I love them too! 2x 3-2 win is a great start gogo AGY
sitenoiseAuthor 88 6
11 months ago
3–2 wins are good for character building. I think it was my team's 3-2 over Turkey in the U20 Tournament that kicked them down their winning path We got this. gogo AGY
sitenoiseAuthor 88 6
11 months ago
I sorta glad the match against FENERBAHÇE wasn't streamed. It would have been painful to watch. [25-11, 25-17, 25-10] Reception 12%; Attack 18%. Super ouch. I'm sure they'll do better next week against Vakıfbank. gogo AGY
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