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Philip Freere 2020-01-27 • 140 views • 2

I find it very time consuming scrolling through the club review page.  (Granted there are only 100 odd reviews now but later i'm sure it will rise.)  I am suggesting making each review collapsible and only displaying the average star rating.

Volleybox 169
2 weeks ago

Hi Philip. Thanks for your suggestion.

Just asking: why do you scroll that page? I mean you are looking for some specific review? Maybe some filter is missing in the box on the right?

Philip FreereAUAuthor 12 2
2 weeks ago

Im just curious to see how people are reviewing clubs.   For example AZS Częstochowa was given a 2.1 star rating and then ARBO Rotterdam Fusion was given a 5 star rating.   Two very different clubs playing in two very different leagues, I find it very interesting.

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