Every week is war

Every week is war

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Fatum-Nyíregyháza will aim the peak next season. On Tuesday morning, a press conference was held by the women's volleyball team of Fatum-Nyíregyháza, winner of the cup and Extraliga silver medal, discussing the club's plans for next season. 

"It is an honor to be able to work at home," said former superb player Péter Veres, who is the club's team manager. - For me, it's a new job, a new discovery, I'm trying to pass on my experience. 

Over the past two seasons, the club has achieved results that we hardly believed. We want to replicate these successes and, if possible, turn silver into gold. 

They started with six players 

The team has started six players so far, with foreign players, Fruzsina Tóth and Barbora Koseková of Slovakia coming next week after the European Championship. 

- It is a great pleasure to be able to continue working here and to continue the work we have begun, - said head coach László Hollósy. - Here I would mention my colleague András Horváth, since he started from the beginning. 

During the summer, the composition of the staff and the lineup also changed a lot. You have to see that there is quite a gun race going on, it's not easy to maintain that standard. 

There is a budget that cannot be irresponsibly managed. We obviously wanted to keep one or two players, but we couldn't allow the club to collapse in February. 

The rivals are well reinforced, but we also have good players. Our aim should be no other than to repeat previous results. Oliver Stone's film, Every Week, will feature war this season. Hard matches are waiting for us. 

English is the common language 

Andrea Pintér, one of the team's new players, was present at the press event. 

"For me, everything will be new, the training, the common English language, I have to get used to it," the center said. - The most important thing for any team is to be as successful as possible, but you can always build on the next step. 

Of course, I also came to achieve the gold medal that I have longed for. I don't know the foreign players yet, but I have talked a lot with the Hungarian girls, I think it will be a good mood within the team. I try to do my best and help the team. 

Like László Hollósy, Ernő Sitku, Managing Director of Nyíregyháza Élsport Nonprofit Kft., Thanked the fans for their support so far and expressed his hope that he would thank, but they will not be skeptical about the team in the upcoming season because of the big changes. Leaders are confident that the fans will bring the atmosphere to the hall as they did last season.


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