[Fixed] PWA. Cannot login via Google

2020-07-05 • 174 views • 3 replies
  1. Add PWA on your smartphone (e.g. iPhone)
  2. Open it and tap on to login via Google account

Actual result: Nothing happened

Note: The login is successful via browser

Volleybox 300
4 weeks ago

Fixed. Thank you very much for reporting it (and for being beta-tester of that feature too :) ).

Vitalii LatyshAuthor 26 9
4 weeks ago

@Volleybox Hm, strange. Trying to replicate by the next steps:

1. Removed old version of pwa from iPhone

2. Add the pwa to screen via Safari

3. Try to login

4. Tap the google sign in

Actual result: Nothing happens

Volleybox 300
3 weeks ago

@VitaliiLatysh problem have been solved. Thank you Vitalii for reporting it.

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