Genesis comes from hot

Genesis comes from hot

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Fatum-Nyíregyháza's main player spends most of the summer in Spain. At the end of April, the women's volleyball Extraliga season 2018-2019 ended, with Fatum-Nyíregyháza setter Genesis Francesco almost immediately warming up. This is only geographically understandable, and for just a few months, the Venezuelan volleyball has extended his contract with the cup winner so she will start his fifth season in a row in Nyíregyháza. 

The warmer climate first meant Jerusalem, then Sevilla, where Genesis spent most of the summer with her two sisters, Daniella, who had been living there for a year and former Isis volleyball player of Fatum. 

"This is the first time I'm spending so much time away from Nyíregyháza," began Genesis Francesco, a summer advisor who does more than just crawl out on a Spanish vacation. - It's a wonderful summer, but I'm not lazy, I go to the gym and teach young people beach volleyball. 

- When I arrived in Spain, I told my sisters that I wanted to teach. All this in such a way that this discipline is not particularly close to me, but it is still volleyball, which I love, he added. "Then a guy suggested that it be possible, so I was with him why not try it, so I went for it." 

Fatum players don't have to take off their coats and other warm clothes, Sevilla is hot. 

"We go to the beach every weekend, I love the sea, but it's very warm around here," the setteer continued. "The temperature is around thirty-seven degrees Celsius, and locals say it's not bad, as it's usually forty-five degrees." In the afternoons, no one moves out of its apartment, but rather starts around eight to nine in the evening. Of course, the big heat is fine, I like it much more than the cold. 

If the weather wished, Genesis could still enjoy the warmth even in Nyíregyháza for a few weeks, as she will return in early August and start preparing with the team for next season.


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