He was diagnosed arrhythmia. Miguel Falasca would not listen cardiologists

He was diagnosed arrhythmia. Miguel Falasca would not listen cardiologists

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As sport.business-gazeta.ru says, presidents of Skra Bełchatów and Ural Ufa (clubs where Miguel Angel Falasca played) knew about Miguel's heart problems. Doctors from Ufa he forbade him to play volleyball.

"In the summer of 2012, Miguel Falasca underwent medical examinations before the start of the club season with Ural Ufa." Standard medical tests have shown that the Spanish volleyball player can't take part in trainings, because the cardiogram revealed cardiac arrhythmias".

Presidents of Ural Ufa contacted Skra Bełchatów in this matter, where Falasca played in 2008-12. Polish club was confirmed that the Spaniard has problems with his heart, but - here the quote: "is able to withstand the strains associated with the hardships of the season."

The Russians from Ufa did not give up and commissioned detailed research. They confirmed that the 39-year-old volleyball player was suffering from cardiac arrhythmia. "Interestingly, the test did not show heart rhythm disturbances during intense physical exercise, but during daily activities and even sleep," we read in the Russian portal.

In this situation, cardiologists have categorically forbade Falasca to continue practicing competitive sport. The Spaniard, however, downplayed the ban, because - as sport.business-gazeta.ru claims - risked losing a lucrative contract.

In Ufa Falasca could play only because he received a positive opinion of a doctor from Spain, who prescribed him a special remedy. The second tests, which the European champion from 2007 passed in Moscow, confirmed the fact of arrhythmia, but the doctors there ultimately conquered his health card.

Falasca died on June 22, 2019 in Italy. He was 46 years old. The reason for the death of female coach Saugella Monza was the heart attack he got in the hotel room.

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I never thought i will comeback to chrison movie about him in this circumstances, so sad

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