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Hello, Volleyworld! I am updating ARG Liga A1 but there are more competitions such as Torneo Metropolitano (main clubs are from Buenos Aires, so it's almost as competitive as A1), Metropolitan Cup and Super 4.

I've created Super 4 results from 2019 but was deleted. I want to know if those competitions may be included.

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Yes, you can obviously. I would be nice if you explain what to tournament they are so that we can understand better.

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Hello Pierre. Thru a normal year, the first semester you have Liga Argentina Femenina (ARG A1) organized by FeVA (Federación del Voleibol Argentina). Since 1996/97 it's main league in Argentina and considered a national league. All data from the beginning was previously included in this site, I just added every single game from this season. Currently 16 teams are playing from different provinces (states). But stronger teams are from Buenos Aires area (Boca, San Lorenzo, Gimnasia, River).

Those teams previous to the creation of LAF / ARG A1 were playing Torneo Metropolitano, a state league with clubs from Buenos Aires. Last edition -due to COVID- was 2019, and usually played during last semester of a calendar year. 14 teams play each other during regular season and best 8 go to play-offs. If you can, take a look to this video, you can perceive the atmosphere of the final game with 3,000 spectators from both teams. Also, it was aired live nationally.

In 2019, best teams played a Super4 tournament with each finalist from Liga Argentina and Torneo Metropolitano). Source:

If you or anyone need more info, I will be glad to share or explain better.

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@DiegoFernández Okay perfect, this is very clear, thank you. Isn't it a national cup too ?

Don't hesitate to add those tournaments, they will obviously be accepted.

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