Not all players show current team

sitenoise 164
2020-07-07 • 153 views • 3 replies

Type "Erika Chuman" in the Search Box. Her result drops down and says "Middle-blocker from Japan".

Type "Mifuyu Kato" in the Search Box. Her result drops down and says "Setter from Japan (Panasonic Bluebells)".

They are on the same team and both are current in the 2020-21 roster.

Another way to see this issue clearly is to look at the Favorite Players on my profile page. There are seven players on display who are registered and current with no team displayed. A couple who aren't current and no team displayed (makes sense), and five who are current and display their team. Here's the two players I used in the above example:

No Team
Volleybox 309
4 weeks ago

According to the implementation current club of the player should be recalculated after all changes on the relations between player and club. Few days ago I discovered that it was missing in two places, but to be honest I'm not sure that I found the real reason.

Volleybox has mechanism for recalculating current club for all players in the database, but I would prefer to avoid running it (immediate refresh is better than refreshing once, e.g. at midnight). I ran that mechanism few days ago and that's why Erica Chuman has correct club.

I would be very grateful if you will find the full path to reproduce that bug.

sitenoiseAuthor 164 6
4 weeks ago

@Volleybox I'm not sure what you mean by "find the full path to reproduce that bug". 

A quick scan shows me that several players who didn't have a team, but were registered for 2020-21, have the team listed now (eg., Shion Hirayama, Sanae Watanabe)

I've just set a few players who were terminated at 2019-20 to "empty" and who didn't have a team (eg., Aimi Kawashima, Mako Kobata, Arisa Nagano) . We'll see if they show a team after the system refresh. 

Volleybox 309
4 weeks ago

@sitenoise bug still occurs (Aimi Kawashima is an example). I will monitor this issue.

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