Revolution in World League and World Grand Prix?

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2013-08-31 • 4028 views
FIVB has interesting plans of reorganising both male and female annual world games: World Grand Prix and World League. Few secrets from these plans reveals president of Polish Volleyball Federation, Mirosław Przedpełski.

Time for reform. We need to change the rules of competition in the World League and the Grand Prix. We start from the next season - says the president of the Polish Volleyball Federation Miroslaw Przedpełski. He provides details of a revolution in the world volleyball. - We try to make the World League even more elite competitions. This should be a rivalry absolutely the best teams in the world in the halls filled to the last places. There is no room for averages - says Przedpełski, which is one of the closest collaborators of the President of the FIVB Ary Graca and responsibilities include for the rules of volleyball events played under the aegis of international authorities.

World League

In the new World League will be competing 8-12 top teams. They will emerge from among its members the final tournament. What about the others? - No one throws them out of the World League. They will play in the competition, but in the other, the weaker divisions. The best of them goes through to the elite for next season - explains Przedpełski.

Therefore there will be a situation that took place in this season, when weaker teams competed in Group C and the winner was guaranteed to participate in the tournament final in Mar del Plata. In this way, Canada won't have chance of advancing to Final Round - In Argentina, Canada, fortunately, showed the good side, but in general, this formula was a bad choice. In addition to a weak host unnecessarily admitted to the elite second average team. The Final Six should play the same power - says former coach of the Polish volleyball female NT Andrzej Niemczyk.

And in this way follow the changes proposed by the FIVB - prestige games have become even more elitist than ever before. - Such are the demands of time. We will add as many sponsors, creating a product at the highest level - says Przedpełski. And reveals that four major world power in the volleyball would have guaranteed a permanent place in the elite. - It's about Brazil, Russia, Italy and Poland, the countries most powerful not only sports, but also the organization, which can provide full halls and transmissions at the highest level - says the head of the Polish Volleyball Federation. "White and red" would thus a place in the competition even if the fell out of the top four world ranking. This is just a draft, so it is hard to talk about the details. It is still unclear how large would the group and how many matches teams will play. - Generally, we are going in the direction of reducing the number of meetings, because the extremely tight volleyball schedules we have to look for free dates - Przedpełski says.

World Grand Prix

An even greater revolution is gearing up for the Grand Prix, the female equivalent of the World League. - We want the games to be played by the same formula as the competition in men - says Przedpełski, which will probably meet with an enthusiastic reception among coaches, fans and players. Because the Grand Prix in the current formula is a negation of the principles of common sense. Teams compete in tournaments, in which cast is placed in strange way. Some teams have to compete on three continents and fight with the world powers (Poland), others have rivals from the lower regions of the table and not have to move (China). - That's why I advocate changing the formula. This binding is very bad now - says Piotr Makowski, coach of the Polish female national team, which this year organizers who forged a real obstacle race halfway around the world. - I do not want to even comment, because everyone can see that the formula of the Grand Prix has many weaknesses - adds Polish NT captain, opposite Katarzyna Skowrońska-Dolata.

Fortunately, games does not change the formula will result in throwing the elite Polish national team, despite the fact that "white and red" in this year's edition took only 15 place. - Our agreement with FIVB ensuring our ladies start in the Grand Prix is valid even in the next year. In addition, World League and Grand Prix competitions are commercial and the one who will be involved in them, depends not only on the sports level. It's kind of a closed league, in which the titles are struggling countries with live sports at the highest level, full halls and good organization. In Poland, all these conditions are met, and when it comes to sports level, I am confident that under the leadership of Piotr Makowski girls are made rapid progress. Because of that I'm calm about that - says Przedpełski.

At the end, yet another curiosity. - People are a little mixed up in the minds of those names, so we standardize name competitions for men and women - says Przedpełski. The fact that the shape and the name will end in 2014 World League and the Grand Prix will see the fall of the government meeting the FIVB. But it seems that the revolution is decided. We should wait for decisions which will be made and later we'll see results of drafts and negotiations.



Revolution in World League and World Grand Prix?
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