Showing captain on the roster

2021-03-27 • 139 views • 2 replies

Please correct me if this is already a function on volleybox, but I think it'd be great if there is a C symbol displayed next to the player who was captain of that season under the roster page for the team.

I'm not exactly sure how that should look from the player's page. Maybe it could be shown as <Captain experience> under the clubs page, just like Club Experience or Staff Experience.

Just a suggestion!

sitenoise 302 7
2 weeks ago

I hadn't thought about keeping a record of who was captain through the years, or a player's Captain Experience, but I'll second the motion for both of those. I have a secret way of knowing and displaying who the current captains are but I can't share it because it would destroy it for me 😀

2 weeks ago
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