What can I do as a Middle when the pass is off the net?

2020-04-20 • 196 views • 1 replies

I am still fairly new to the game and love running quick with my setter. However, my team doesn't always pass close to the net, and to my knowledge, you can really only run a quick when to setter is less than 5 Appvalley  foot from the net.

What can I do whe https://vlc.onl/ n I notice the pass is at the 10 foot line or perhaps more towards the middle/left side of the court? Should I run a slide? Should I atta https://tweakbox.mobi/ ck the three? Should I bother even faking a route ot just cover the inevitable block?



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7 months ago

Hi, if I understand your question correctly you have difficulties with sets which are far from the net ? When it happens to me I try to hit it very strong in the top of the block and attack in the area of the setter.

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