Women's volleyball dream team 2020

Women's volleyball dream team 2020

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By the end of 2020 we have launched new feature on the website: choosing dream team of the year. Every logged user was able to add his votes for the best players for specific positions. They were able to choose any of 33838 players from the database.

122 users from all over the world added their votes.

Full list of the votes you can find here.

Here are the results:

Voting for the dream team 2021 will begin on December 1, 2021. We hope to see your votes there!

Dream team based on Volleybox data

What's interesting there is also a ranking of best players 2020 calculated automatically based on team's scores and individual awards. How dream team will look like regarding this data?


Bard loe 2
5 days ago

This team will have a terrible reception. Both OH are great attacker but we need one OH that could defend the floor together with the libero. 

I'd replace Gabi with a person who “recieves”. Zhu is definitely OH for attacking and her blocks would be a challenge to the opposite. 

Pierre FoucaultFR 467 10
6 days ago

I follow less women's volleyball than men's but let's give my point of view haha.
I 100 % agree for Wolosz, Erdem, Gunes and Guidetti, who gives an exceptionnal turnover to all of Vakifbank's players.

Even if I love her, I disagree for Boskovic which seems to be a little underperforming this year (still amazing though). For the best opposite I would name Isabelle Haak or Paola Egonu. I don't follow Japan's championships closely enough to include Annie Drews in this list. She was amazing in 2019 , but I have no idea how she's playing in with Marvelous. If someone knows, I'll be glad to have the information too.

Concerning outside hitters, I agree for Gabi, not really for Zhu Ting. First, because she's playing in the weaker Chinese League and also because she played only one month this year. And her stats were not as good as I excepted. I would have chosen as the second outside hitter Kimberly Hill, Britt Herbots, Michelle Bartsch or even Hanna Orthmann who is doing really good job with Monza.

Also, I picked De Gennaro for the best libero, her digs are out of this world. Didn't follow closely Aköz' season though.

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