Zhu Ting is best volleyball player 2019!

Zhu Ting is best volleyball player 2019!
Volleybox 2019-12-07 • 897 views

We created a ranking of the best women volleyball players in 2019.

Ranking is based on team's positions in tournaments played in season 2018/19. Also individual awards won by players in 2018/19 are counted in the ranking.

Based on such rules, the most points (1190pt) in 2019 year scored Zhu Ting. She won World Cup 2019 (90pt), Club World Championships 2018/19 (75pt), Turkish League 2018/19 (50pt). 

Also scored 7 individual awards in last season:

On the picture above you can see the best starting seven 2019 counted in our ranking.

On the desktop devices you can hover on the player and see details of components of each player's ranking.

Link to the ranking is here.

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