Gwardia Cup 2012 Impel Wrocław - AzerRail Baku

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It was the first Sunday meeting in the Wroclaw hall. The match started much better for those of the former coach of Atom Trefl Sopot. A good attitude allowed the team from Baku to take a five-point lead (12: 7). Shortly after the second technical break, the Germans managed to offset the loss to four points (13:17). The mistakes of Alessandro Chiappini 's players caused Azerrail Baku's advantage to drop to two points (20:18). Then the Italian trainer asked for a break. The German runner-up could not tip the scales in their favor and eventually lost 21:25. Seta ended with an attack from the second line Tina Lipicer-Male.

The second set definitely started better in Germany, which thanks to a good game on the net quickly took the three-point lead (7: 4). The charges of Alexandra Waibl definitely improved reception, so Mareen Apitz could increasingly use middle. Martin Utla also deserves praise, whose attacks have inflicted a lot of blood on rivals. Before the second technical break, volleyball players from Azerbaijan began to make up for the losses. Effective attacks by Debby Stam-Pilon and Manon Fliermeant that after a while the team led by former trainer Atom Trefl Sopot could enjoy a two-point lead (17:15). At 19:16 for Azerrail Baku, Dresdner Sportclub asked for time for his team. After returning to the playing field, the German vice champions joined the game so that the scoreboard was barely 23:22 for the team from Azerbaijan. The next two actions belonged to the players of Alessandro Chiappini, and the set ended with service ace by Milena Radecka.

Volleyballers from Baku after two won sets, with enthusiast joined the third party (6: 2), and Arielle Wilson, known to the Wrocław public, presented herself from a very good side . Just before the second technical break, volleyballers from Germany managed to reduce the loss, which was not seven, but only four points (11:15). At that time, an Italian team coach from Azerbaijan asked for time. After thirty seconds spent outside the pitch, volleyballers from Baku returned to a good game, thanks to which they consistently strove to the desired success. At the end of the German runners-up, the air literally escaped, which was unscrupulously taken advantage of by their rivals, winning by far the third set 25:17, thus winning the Gwardia Cup without losing the set.

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