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Position: Outside Hitter
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Job starting from date: 2021-06-21
Job ending at date: 2021-08-31
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Job description

Proliga Indonesia is planned to start in the middle of 2021, because we are looking for Volleyball players with Position: Outside Hitter with a height above 190cm with a good ball receive, and have good attack and jumping. Experienced in Division One of their country or playing in Division One overseas. Players must be free agents / and free from the club in mid April / May 2021. And also must have administrative requirements for passports and later medical procedures. CVs are sent via email with video to be reviewed first: [email protected]


  • Airplane Ticket in Roundtrip / Dormitory or Hotel / Meals 3 times a day / Laundry / Internet / Medicals and Champhionship Bonuses
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