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Nicole Fawcett in Club World Championship 2018/19

nikvolin 2019-03-04 16:27 104 views
NICOLE FAWCETT - BEST Volleyball SERVE (ACE) | Fantastic SPIKE | WCWC 2018 Nicole Marie Fawcett (born December 16, 1986) is an American indoor volleyball player who won the 2014 World Championship and 2015 Pan American Games gold medal with the United States national team. Fawcett played for Penn State University from 2005–2008, winning two NCAA National Championships in 2007 and 2008. Strength & Conditioning training for volleyball playersStrength & Conditioning training for volleyball players
Nicole Fawcett

Nicole Fawcett USA

Height: 191cm
Weight: 82kg
Spike: 310cm
Block: 291cm
Current club: Dentil/Praia Clube (Brazil)
nikvolin Barnaul, Russia

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