RC Cannes - Vakifbank Istanbul (Golden Set)

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Probably match of the season so far. Who could imagine that RC Cannes would have a big, very big chance of knocking Vakifbank out? But in the end, in the golden set, Vakifbank and Jovana Brakočević found a way to somehow claw their way to Final Four. For the first time in this season in Champions League, Vakifbank looked vunerable, looked like they can be beaten. RC Cannes played with more than 100% and they came just a step away from winning the whole thing. Three times Cannes had the opportunity to extend their lead to two points in golden set, but every time Vakifbank's defence came out on top. Weather that was Brakočević blocking or just whole team digging like crazy, it was beautiful to watch. Big congratulations to Vakifbank, but also big props to RC Cannes, for making this giant effort versus a heavy favourites. Join the list of players looking for a volleyball clubJoin the list of players looking for a volleyball club
Date: 12.02.2014
Place: "Palais des Victoires" Hall, Cannes (FRA)
Match: RC Cannes (FRA) - Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR) 3:1 (15:12 Golden Set) (Play-off's, 1/6)
Kind of tournament: Women Champions League 2013/14

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6 years ago
Wonderful match!

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