Renata Valinhos/Country - Sesi Sao Paulo (full match)

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In this video you can see Raquel Loff playing for Renata Valinhos against SESI, with its two Olimpic Champions, Fabiola and Jaqueline. Renata Valinhos won the game in tie-break. This game took place at Ginásio Municipal de Valinhos, São Paulo, Brazil, on february, 12th, 2016. Set results: 25:20, 17:25, 26:24, 22:25 and 15:12. Raquel scored 8 points: 1 ace, 4 blocks and 3 spikes.
2016-02-12-21-30, Brazilian Superliga 2015/16 regular season - 19th round
andrevictoriadasilba São Paulo, Brazil

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