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There was a lot of controversy in the middle of the first set of the match between #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa  and #AluronCMCWartaZawiercie. The host's coach, #AndreaAnastasi, believed that the guests had touched the ball during #ArturSza... Show more

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Extraoridinary coach Vital Heynen is showed many times on TV when he is making characteristic "C" or fighting with referees. "I'm good at challenge. Everybody knows that, but the better was a yellow card, which I get. I've never get suc... Show more
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After passionate Volleyball Nations League game in Urmia Iran won in tie-break with Poland. Anti-heroes of that match was referees who made a lot of mistakes what you could see on the video. Vital won 8 challenges!

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Michał Kubiak about Iranians

Captain of Polish national team was a guest of popular volleyball vlog in Poland: Prawda siatki. He was talking about many topics such as challenges of the starting season, competition for a place in the start... Show more

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Polish wing-spiker was provoked one more time by Iranian player. This time wing-spiker of Varamin: Pourya Fayazi. Iranian team won in tie-break and Fayazi was celebrating a victory by a showing his finger to Polish wing-spiker. Conflict ... Show more
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The unpleasant situation occurred during the final of the Polish first volleyball league between MKS Ślepsk Suwałki and Stal Nysa. At the end of the fourth party one of the fans prevented the dig of the Nysa libero - Mateusz Czunkiewicz.... Show more
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Player who attacked the referee during a match has been suspended for only 2 matches and must pay a fine of USD$ 4,000.

Ahsanolah Shirkavand (libero) during the 4th set of match between Shahrdari Urmia and Saypa protested against the deci... Show more

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