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Trefl Sopot - Dinamo Bucuresti (full match)

VolleyVids 2013-12-21 09:00 • 646 views • 1
The Atomic girls needed to win only one set to make sure they would advance to the next stage of the competition. Trefl won in four sets. "Our progress since the start of the season is evident", commented coach of Trefl Sopot, Teun Buijs. "We performed well in defense and we were even able to avoid their block. I am really happy with this promotion to the Playoffs 1/12 and hope that we will get a good draw, playing the weakest team out of the top 12 in Europe, if any such weak team exists out there".
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Date: 17.12.2013
Place: "Ergo Arena" Hall, Gdańsk/Sopot (POL)
Match: Trefl Sopot (POL) - Dinamo Bucuresti (ROU) 3:1 (Group C, 6th match)
Kind of tournament: Women Champions League 2013/14

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Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4451 20
5 years ago
Wonderful match!

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