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@MirandPhookongchai She took season off so she could rest. 

Can someone who doesn't have a job stop putting Federovtseva, Voronkova, Lazareva and other girls who play outside of Russia in Russian nonexistent team? Like, they play in Turkey just because they played in one tournament like team doesn't mean they will when next season comes. 

@ShakhzodOmonov she is. Her name is just Brankica Mihajlović. 

@marcs245 i would love to see her on the team with Brakocevic 

Can someone explain to me how and who gets qualified for World Club Championships? 

Where will Lazović play next season? 

I really hope Tijana goes to other club next year, I'm so tired of this Eczacibasi bull. 

@RenzoGonzaloGómezDiaz Oh, i thought she won't play for Brasil at all. That's okay then. 

I've read somewhere that Ana Cristina won't represent Brasil anymore. Does anyone know why? 

They are not dating lol

She is dating a girl. 

@MariadaSilva I really hope they do. I really want to see her continue to play brilliantly. It would be a shame if she gets suspended.

I've read somewhere that Lozo will get suspended because she signed two deals. Can they really suspended her and for how long? 

@MariadaSilva Yeah i know. I'd like to see her in Chemik, but i think she'll play in LKS Lodz. 

@AdRienks I hope so. I've read she'll play in Poland next season, considering Natalia is playing in Dynamo again. 

Russian doping scandal 2 months ago 0

A lot of Americans are using illegal substances, not just in volleyball but in another sports too. A lot of players are protected by their own country (USA for example, not sure about Russia) so they can do whatever they want and it's so unfair. 

Does anyone know where will Elitsa Vasileva play next season? 

@MihaiZarate  Dajana Bošković maybe…Tijana? Hell no. 

@FakeAccount I would love too see her in Fenerbahce, but i think Monza or Novara would be a better choice. 

So, if Boskovic leaves Eczacibasi next year, where do you think she will go? 

@MariadaSilva Honestly, that's stupid. Either stay with the team or don't. And when she comes back, Lazareva and Boz won't play at all. Just a waste of good players. 

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