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All Chinese players that i added transfer now played for Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing until the end of this 2018/19 season after they returned to their old teams.
Chinese players Xia Ding, Wang Mengjie(Beijing), Yixin Zheng, Qingqing Du(Tianjin), Haiping Sun and Mingyuan Hu(Shanghai)were loaned to the teams that played in the Chinese League semifinals as well as last season. They were only loaned and did not exchange their current teams.
The Belarussian team Minchanka Minsk is currently participating in the Russian Volleyball League, but can not be added here on the website for the country.
Please stop changing the photos of the players. I look for the best pictures, frame and the users here are exchanging for ugly pictures! The photos have to be dynamic, different not photos that have in the pages of the times are horrible, to change please, it is getting boring that. They are spoiling the photos with even old photos, stop doing that. Leave the images that are.
Manon Flier retired from volleyball. / Ex-Pro Volleyball
Nelly Alisheva returned to Proton Balakovo in the season 2018/19 she had retired, but returned thanks to the request of a technician.
Sokolova will not play for Zarechie Odintsovo! She has retired from volleyball and is working behind the scenes at Dynamo Krasnodar, recently she gave an interview and introduced the players of the club ie she will not play! Withdraw is false information! /> />
Jovana Brakocevic will not play for Pomi Casalmaggiore in the 2018/19 season, it was just a rumor she has already pronounced and denied!
Is it true that Sokolova has returned to play? She gave an interview saying that she has retired for once, and will lead Krasnodar as the club manager. She will not play anymore, where did this news come from that she will play for Zarieche Odintsovo?
I duplicated this team by mistake, delete this profile because it already has here on the site.
Brenda Castillo received 3 individual titles in the 2018 Pan American Cup! Better defense, better libero and better reception! But the best reception can not be accepted because the award for best outside hitters here on the site is receiver, ie two spikers have held the position of receiver being that their awards were from best outside hitters.
Taylor Sandbothe and Fatou Diouck are playing the 2017/18 Asian Clubs Championship for Supreme Chonburi, they were hired only for this tournament. I have noticed that the years of the championships hamper the score of the players, because often the championship occurs in the same year, but with another team, and those who earn points are players of the past team and so it is.
Why is Ranking not being updated? A few weeks ago I realize that it is not updated.
Vakifbank renewed with the four foreigners of the team: Milena Rasic, Zhu Ting, Lonneke Slöetjes and Kelsey Robinson for the 2018/19 season.
Berenika Tomsia will not play for Chemik Police in the 2018/19 season, but by Incheon Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders of South Korea, she played for Chemik Police at the end of the 2017/18 season.
There are two profiles of the player Kąkolewska from Poland. Delete this wrong profile: is not Paulina is Agnieszka, and already has the right here on the site.
Türkiye Bayanlar Volleyball 2. Ligi 2015/16 is incomplete! Not only 20 teams are involved but 28 concerts! I am adding the sort order, the league 2015/16 ended on 04/13/2016. People add the championships and abandon! And we can not fix the errors, only the administrators so I hope the correction.
You deleted the profile of Artamonova that had her most awards! She was in 33rd place in the ranking and you left what she appears in # 62 would be more fair to put the correct what was in # 33 place!

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