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the highest-paid player in world volleyball ever.


Home » TUR W: Fenerbahçe ready to make Egonu highest-paid player in history of volleyball


TUR W: Fenerbahçe ready to make Egonu highest-paid player in history of volleyball

written by WoVNovember 30, 2021source: dal15al25.g... Show more

2021-12-04 0 446 242 2 mins read
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VakıfBank target MVPs from last two Olympics – Zhu and Egonu

Under the vignette “exclusive news“, Voleybol Magazin reported that VakıfBank are aiming for two mega-stars of the world women’s volleyball.

Voleybol Magazin learned that the reigning women’s club champions of Turkey, VakıfBank, want to t... Show more

2021-11-17 2 1136 682 1 min read
emiremirdir6 months ago 682 2
Eczacıbaşı and Fenerbahçe record fourth successive win each

Eczacıbaşı Dynavit and Fenerbahçe Opet recorded the fourth successive win each in the 2021/22 Turkish Women’s Volleyball Championship. #EczacıbaşıDynavit 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/turkey/305638/tur-w-eczacibasi-and-fenerbahce... Show more

2021-11-14 2 893 558
emiremirdir6 months ago 558 2
VakıfBank score fourth consecutive victory, three teams share first place

The three teams share first place with the same number of points and the ratio of victories and defeats in the 2021/22 Turkish Women’s Volleyball Championship. #VakıfBank 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/turkey/305439/tur-w-vakifban... Show more

2021-11-07 2 1068 540
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News - Tigers prepare for the Galatasaray away match

Tigers prepare for the 5th Week of the Turkish League against Galatasaray HDI Sigorta.

Starting the week with Türk Hava Yolları win, the team is fully focused on the preparations for tomorrow's derby.

Beyza Arıcı shares her thoughts before... Show more

2021-10-23 1 430 339
emiremirdir6 months ago 339 1
WorldofVolley :: TUR M: Sorgun surprisingly among undefeated teams after 3 rounds, first win for Spor Toto - WorldOfVolley

Sorgun Bld. are surprisingly in the group of teams having a perfect record after three rounds of the 2021/22 Turkish Men’s Volleyball Championship.  #Volleyboxnet 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/turkey/304916/tur-m-sorgun-surprisin... Show more

2021-10-18 0 801 667
emiremirdir7 months ago 667 0
WorldofVolley :: TUR M: Bingol Solhan Spor parted ways with Dmitry Ilinykh and André Luiz Queiroz - WorldOfVolley

After only two rounds played in the Turkish championship, the first changes in the composition of the teams took place (termination of the contract and signing of new players). #Volleyboxnet 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/turkey/3... Show more

2021-10-16 1 869 751
emiremirdir7 months ago 751 1
TRT SPOR YILDIZ Canlı Yayın - TRT Spor - Türkiye`nin güncel spor haber kaynağı

Vakıfbank Fenerbahçe LIVE…. At 16 october 13.00 local time #VakıfbankSporSarayı 



2021-10-16 1 769 724
emiremirdir7 months ago 724 1

 you can watch from https://www.trtspor.com.tr/m/?m=tv&kanal=trt-spor-yildiz #VakıfBank #FenerbahçeOpet 

2021-10-16 1 925 554 1 min read
emiremirdir7 months ago 554 1
WorldofVolley :: ITA W: Scoring machine Rahimova lands in Casalmaggiore - WorldOfVolley

Vbc Trasporti Pesanti Casalmaggiore, the 2016 CEV Women’s Volleyball Champions League winners, signed the scoring machine Polina Rahimova. #Volleyboxnet 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/italy/304783/ita-w-scoring-machine-rahimova-la... Show more

2021-10-15 1 768 734
emiremirdir7 months ago 734 1
WorldofVolley :: TUR M: Ziraat redeem for first-round loss by downing Spor Toto in big match, Bursa stun Galatasaray - WorldOfVolley

Beating Spor Toto in the big match, Ziraat Bankkart redeemed themselves for a surprising defeat in the opening round of the 2021/22 Turkish Men’s Volleyball Championship. #Volleyboxnet 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/turkey/304787/... Show more

2021-10-14 0 635 542
emiremirdir7 months ago 542 0
Zhu Ting: “Guidetti ile kısa bir süre önce konuştuk” - Voleybolunsesi

Bir dönem VakıfBank’ta da forma giyen dünyaca ünlü yıldız oyuncu Zhu Ting, Sina Sports’a verdiği röportajda hem geleceğinden hem de geçireceği bilek ameliyatı hakkında konuştu. Zhu Ting: “Ameliyat konusunda endişelenmemize gerek olmadığı... Show more

2021-10-13 0 725 692
emiremirdir7 months ago 692 0
VakıfBank started the season in the 2021/22 Turkish Women’s Volleyball Championship with two out of two.

Starting the new season with the Super Cup victory, the last Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi and Turkish Cup champions VakıfBank continued in the same manner. They defeated the fiercest rivals Eczacıbaşı Dynavit in a duel of the two most-titled... Show more

2021-10-13 2 424 386 1 min read
emiremirdir7 months ago 386 2
WorldofVolley :: TUR M: Halkbank can’t rely on Hernández until end of year, find replacement for him in Serbia - WorldOfVolley

The current winners of the Balkan Men’s Volleyball Cup, Halkbank, will not be able to count on their main attacking option Fernando Hernández until the end of the year #Volleyboxnet 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/turkey/304731/tur... Show more

2021-10-12 0 597 512
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WorldofVolley :: ASIAN CCH W: Maiden continental title for Almaty - WorldOfVolley

Altay seized their maiden Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship title after sweeping the hosts Nakhon Ratchasima QminC VC in the final of the 2021 edition of the tournament. #Volleyboxnet 

https://worldofvolley.com/latest_news/asia/3... Show more

2021-10-07 0 304 269
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