My name is Mihai and I am 27 years old. I like playing tennis with my friends. I also enjoy volleyball and basketball, but tennis is my favourite sport. I live in Timișoara (Romania). I like traveling a lot.

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yes ! and she is a true story!
Rebecka Lazić has only 25 years she alredy played for 8 teams ! ) =D
now is time for transfers from Russia ! first big transfer will be Helena Havelkova (Dinamo Moscow) to Saguela Monza!
Helena Havelkova is signed with Saugella Team Monza for next season 2019-2020!, i saw in her story on instagram!
MVP in Italian Seria A1 W!
Helena Havelkova will play for Saugella Monza over 5 weeks !
Oksana Yakovchuk 8 months ago 0
you are good come on to Alba Blaj! =D
it seems that Imoco Volley Conegliano has the top team now, after two transfers : Karsta Lowe and Tandara Caixeta !

was the only team in my town! . and who played in the challenge cup! @VolleyballMovies:
Tijana number one!
Song name : Goblins from Mars - Cold Blooded Love (ft. Krista Marina)
Thailand awesome !
Bianka Busa ace =D
Stefana Velkovic
Serbia THE BEST TEAM !!!
number 10 novara the best!