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My name is Mihai and I am 27 years old. I like playing tennis with my friends. I also enjoy volleyball and basketball, but tennis is my favourite sport. I live in Timișoara (Romania). I like traveling a lot.

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yes ! and she is a true story!
and he won marciovolley =D
Antunes I meant you can change! , I didn't say you did that! I was referring to marciovolley he changed his score in the last phase and closed
ok , or put the matches with a day before and on the day the games are played you can change nothing something like that
YEs volleybox ! to be you the only one who can change what happens at predictions or another admin who doesn't play at all prediction!
and marciovolley he send me this notification that i won 😊))
Congratulations! You won Women Pan-American Games 2019 game! Next game will be Women Champions League 2019/20. -to trick me! in fact there were two more matches!
i will not play anymore any prediction game it's fake!
02.11.19 Turkey ! and Russian 09.11.19!
this Volleybox will be more interesting if you do that franzvinci01! because these four Tournaments Womens are the best : Russian Superleague 2019/20 , Italian Serie A1 2019/20, Türkiye Voleybol Ligi 2019/20 and Champions League 2019/20!
how to create Volleyball predictions for Womens Russian Superleague 2019/20 , Türkiye Bayanlar Voleybol Ligi 2019/20 and Champions League 2019/20 ?
Malwina Smarzek 1 year ago +4
U.S.A. Womens` win VNL! 😊 Andrea Drews (USA) who is in 1916th rank on volleybox has 33 points in this final with Brazil and Gabriela Guimarães who is in 44th rank volleybox has only 19 points and she played every single minute! A.Drews has not played all minutes!
Malwina Smarzek 1 year ago 0
Zhu Thing in 9th place 😊)) , why Boskovis is not at least in 20th place?
Malwina Smarzek 1 year ago 0
how about Zhu Thing has 24 years ! Boskovic is much better!
you can watch here ! any match you want from VNL! https://www.batmanstream.tv/fivb-volleyball-stream
Rebecka Lazić has only 25 years she alredy played for 8 teams ! 😊) =D
now is time for transfers from Russia ! first big transfer will be Helena Havelkova (Dinamo Moscow) to Saguela Monza!
player's ranking 1 year ago 0
2019 be in a present! 😊
Helena Havelkova is signed with Saugella Team Monza for next season 2019-2020!, i saw in her story on instagram!

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