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@Boston_CRS  that's what I've heard as well

It works if you paste the link into the link box, but not if you just paste the link into the text box.
I wish folks would actually say something about the link. Aren't we all programmed to not click on blind links these days? I never do it.

Volleyball microblog 1 day ago +1

@Volleybox That's cool. As long as it's front and center, I guess it doesn't matter what it's called. It appears to be working. 

I'm curious/confused about how to follow "what's new". I got an email notification for this 'recalls you' post. Clicking on it just brought me to the top of the 'microblog'. I had to scroll and hunt for this post. Clicking the 'notification' icon highlighted this thread alone. That works well. But what if you would have added something to this thread without 'recalling' me specifically? Would I have some way of knowing about it?

I think Pornpun will join Toyota, but that's not a source

Volleyball microblog 3 days ago +1

@Volleybox Very cool. I'd still call it "Chat", though. It's more inviting. I have no idea what a microblog is

Chat reorganization 5 days ago +2

That Polish site system would be an improvement. I prefer the way the current one is supposed to work with landing on "New Messages" and then getting newer going down, but that doesn't work for non-logged-in users and it has to be laser accurate. Scroll bugs are not welcome :)

As to creating mini-threads if someone responds to a specific chat, that seems like a good idea but what happens when they do? Would it bump the original post to the top of the chat if you use the Polish site way? 

Creating threads in the Chat could be a nice way to surface interesting chats, but I'm not sure enough of them exist yet. Maybe having threads would help make it happen.

Presently the live chat is heavy on player ads. I imagine that will change once the seasons get underway, but it seems like a really nice way for players who may not be fluent in English to get something out there and fellow speakers can help them? 

Just for kicks, I looked to see if the most recent player ads in the live chat had also added their name to the "looking for club" list. Not a single one has. It would be nice if you could hire a moderator fluent in several languages to help guide folks in getting it done :) Maybe add a direct "Looking for a Club?" link under the JOBS menu?

I just clicked on "Looking for a Club?" link and found it a little confusing and intimidating (and I'm an English speaker), but that's a topic for another day

In addition to Native Names and Homepage Fields I've recently begun adding a Google Maps link to Arenas. It'd be cool to have a "Map" link, but for now I'm putting them in the LinkedIn field. Great way to get the address right and it is also a decent source for images (which Google makes difficult to procure but not impossible).

In case you want to see this ... Fuuka Shiraishi was already transferred to Brilliant Aries, is on the "Will they play" list with "Nagano Nichidai , and the "Will she play with Nagano" is on her profile page, along with being listed at Brilliant Aries 2019-2019.

Akane Shimizu. Was on the "Will they play" list. I do remember signing her to Himeji Victorina. I went to her profile and she had Himeji 2019/20 - 2019/20 as a club, but also had the "Will she play at Aichi Gakuin University in 2020-21"? so I clicked No, then "Found a new Club" and put in Himeji Credentials. Info saved

She still has Himeji as just 2019/20 - 2019/20. I think this is what happened to Yuki Nakano as well. 

This seems like collateral damage and I can deal with it (50-80 players, likely) -- ... but it is odd that confirming her to 2021 via the "Will she play" dialog doesn't stick

Maybe Yuki Nakano is collateral damage to this re-animation experiment. I don't have a vivid memory of doing it but I'm pretty good at adding College players to a Pro club when it happens. Yuki signed with Breath on April 15, 2020. I added her to Breath in my own database --and put a checkmark by her name, which is supposed to tell me that I added her to volleybox as well. Yes, I'm that anal.

@Volleybox  hmm ... Not sure if this is illuminating, or if I just missed something, but I went to Yuki Nakano's profile (because I was working through Breath Hamamatsu and noticed she wasn't there with them. That's because she was still current (terminated at 2019, but that's okay and true) with NSSU. Her profile page had the "Will she still play with NSSU" dialog. I clicked "No", then "Found a new Club", and put in Breath Hamamatsu and a confirming link.

She showed up on the Transfers page, but isn't in the 2020-21 current roster of the Breath Hamamatsu. She's terminated at 2019-20. I'm going to leave it that way in case it helps uncover a "trace of the crime" :) (love that phrase)

@Volleybox Cool, thanks this is kinda fun now :)

Can you look at a snapshot of the database before the switch to 2020-21 occurred? 

I can't speak to, or be responsible for, the rest of the world, but it would be easier for me if you set every Japanese female player who was active in 2019 to empty. I assume that would populate the Where they will play in season 2020/21 ()? page?

I could then just re-retire the couple dozen already marked as retired (I know who they are), and zip through confirming those who will play with a team.

Maybe I'm missing some collateral damage that would cause because I'm not a coder.


@Volleybox I'm not sure what you mean by "find the full path to reproduce that bug". 

A quick scan shows me that several players who didn't have a team, but were registered for 2020-21, have the team listed now (eg., Shion Hirayama, Sanae Watanabe)

I've just set a few players who were terminated at 2019-20 to "empty" and who didn't have a team (eg., Aimi Kawashima, Mako Kobata, Arisa Nagano) . We'll see if they show a team after the system refresh. 

@Dorien  It's all good. I didn't know you folks don't have access to historical (alternate) name field. 

When you add an Arena is there not a circle with a plus sign in it right under where you " - Type Name - "?

We need a big picture of the building with the name spelled out in Latin characters to know for sure. Japanese is tough. Fact is, "臨海" means all three of those things. "rinkai" is literal Japanese; "linhai" is literal Chinese; "seaside" and "coastal" are 'meanings', as I understand it.

And Hekinan is a "seaside" town after all :)

I've asked for this, too. I love sources. Would also like to see Set results. 

I like Wikipedia's template, which is pretty close to our volleybox layout (referees and attendance optional) but understand there's a gigantic TODO list here even if it is something that would be useful or fit design parameters:



My brain is exploding

@ojvolleyball Upon further reflection I think "Rinkai" should be the official volleybox name and "seaside" as a google alternative. Bing is usually better than google in my experience, at Japanese translation of "names" of people and things. Google seems to go more for literal translations and Bing seems to have a backend database of proper nouns and names that it applies to translations. 

Thanks for sticking with it

@ojvolleyball  I use that site a lot, and have it linked in the Hekinan profile (I put it in the LinkedIn Field).

I take their "English" to be translated. Microsoft Bing translates it as "Hekinan City Rinkai Gymnasium" Google as "Hekinan City Seaside Gymnasium". I forgot to add the Rinkai version to historical names (added now). I went with "Seaside" because it's an English word. I also dictionary'd "臨海" and assumed it means 'seaside' but it could be a proper noun of a sponsoring company. Hmmm.

Either way, that's why I like to put all the options in the historical names field, so depending on what translation service a person uses there will be a match, and with the native name in there you can't go wrong

@Dorien @ojvolleyball That arena, "Hekinan City Seaside Gymnasium", we're talking about in the other thread about man/woman sides of the site is a great example of the usefulness of native names. Without the native name I had to try and reverse engineer "Hekinan City Linhai Gymnasium" LOL

Once you have the native name, depending on what you use to translate it, it may see  碧南市臨海体育館 as Chinese characters  and translate it as "Binan City Linhai Stadium". Even switching to Japanese you might get "Hekinan City Rinkai Gymnasium". But if you DuckduckGo in Japanese you get a few top hits (which I added as homepages) that suggest "Hekinan City Seaside Gymnasium". So that's what I changed it to.

@Dorien  I hope that's cool with you :)



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