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V.League is going to use the Hawkeye Challenge system this year. It's limited to the camera shots and won't show the floating ball animations. The 3 meter line is not on camera. Each team gets three challenges in a match, if they win the challenge they keep it.

This should speed things up. Challenges have been notoriously slow, often taking 3-4 minutes, which is longer than the break between sets.

One week till kickoff!
I'm not really connected to the Home/Waiting Room/Movies part of the site, but I'll mention this from a reverse angle: I've restrained myself from posting movies and newsy items precisely because they go to that Waiting Room. It feels like I'm spamming the general population. I would really like to be able to post movies and Info that are attached to a specific team or player or tournament that wouldn't bother people who aren't already interested in those particular teams or players or tournaments. Is there a way to do that? Seems great to offload some admin work. The problem with crowd-sourcing "quality" is that this is the Internet, and there are more Haters than Likers on the Internet. Haters gonna Hate. Likers gonna Like. Doesn't really speak to quality. I dunno.
I never looked at the "Club View" before. It's lovely. It might go against what this is specifically for --"Transfers"-- but if it could include "retirees" in 'going out', and draftees from university etc. 'coming in' ... I'd print it out and hang it on my wall
Freya Aelbrecht resigned from Kurobe
Cool! Are you going to require sources? It would be nifty to have a link at the bottom of the roster for the source ... but maybe that's too much. Great work. You are fast. Thank you!
Interesting. I know Thailand Women have sent their NT--basically--to the Club Champs, but they do it under guise, and name, of a club team with "loaners".
Rhamat Alhassan is leaving NEC Red Rockets
Or, to put it another way: Adding Tournaments to a player's page. For example, Rino Murooka just won a Gold Medal at the 2019 Cornacchia U19 World Cup (U18). I'd like to add that to her resumé. And I'd like to acknowledge that she was one of twelve U18 volleyball players in All of Japan to be selected to go win that Gold Medal! Maybe there is a way to do this and I'm just missing it?
Suelle Oliveira is leaving Victorina Himeji
Opening Day November 10, 2018, not the 29th, but the software wouldn't let me choose the correct date. So I lied