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Live chat 1 week ago +3

the old position sort is back :)

Live chat 1 week ago +1

I enjoy the jersey numbers, but not if it means they have to be sorted that way. 

Live chat 2 weeks ago 0

Only problem is still user error LOL ... ya gotta pick the correct one: #YixinZheng is not going to Caserta

Live chat 2 weeks ago 0

Looks like we have another fantastic silent update to the forum.  Now when you start a #hashtag it gives a popup of players to choose from. No more battling whatever the heck was going on before :)

Live chat 2 weeks ago 0

I don't believe #YixinZhang is going to Caserta 

Live chat 2 weeks ago +2

Displaying current club of player in the main search field and on the players list." 

Love that!

Live chat 4 weeks ago 0

Although ... the "real" start date of the tournament is the 25th Japan time, which when I set that, it swaps to the 24th (as I see it in my USA time zone) after saving. This is a mind bender. 

Live chat 4 weeks ago 0

I just deleted the first match from the Japanese Cup 2019/20, changed the tournament date to it's real start date and adding the first match failed https://i.postimg.cc/GtMwN2XY/empress.png :( 

This is really something: the only team without a foreigner vs a team with one of the top foreigners in the world go at it in the Final tonight. Defense vs Offense. 

Live chat 1 month ago 0

What sort of info on Yukiko are you looking for, @ismailboudia ? She was a bench player for PFU BlueCats this season

Live chat 1 month ago -1

@Cehudo okay, Yarygin has it's own page now

Live chat 1 month ago 0

@Cehudo are all those matches under "Dvorkin" played at Dvorkin or Yarygin? In other words, should Dvorkin be renamed as Yarygin, and then you create a new Dvorkin page, or we remove "Yarygin" from the Dvorkin page so you can create a new Yarygin page? Does that make sense? we don't want to lose the matches

Live chat 1 month ago 0

@Volleybox  I fixed the Asian OQ scores @Sherlock mentioned

Live chat 1 month ago +1

Sometimes it takes me like 5 minutes to update the score of a match these days, waiting for pages to load. Is it just me or are others experiencing a dramatic slow down lately? It's not always, sometimes pages load as expected

Live chat 2 months ago +1

@Sherlock no worries. An inadvertent URL getting pasted somewhere comes with the territory. I've done it more than I'd care to admit :)

Live chat 2 months ago +1

That was the wrong women's SEA Games to delete, and it took the news items with it. Now https://women.volleybox.net/women-volleyball-at-the-southeast-asian-games-2019-o10715 is just hanging out by itself

Live chat 2 months ago 0

Start time of Eczacibasi v Conegliano? Is it right for the rest of you? Is it a daylight savings time thing? really messed up my dinner plans being an hour off. Grrrrr

Live chat 2 months ago 0

@pedeshtrian I've noticed that too, much to my chagrin :(

@Sherlock Boys or Girls? It's going to be a sticky wicket to decide how, or who will replace them, but I don't think Russia will all be banned. Not sure why. It just seems hardcore

Live chat 3 months ago 0

CEV has 2017's "U18"-W and 2013's "Youth" as part of the "Competition History" of the U17-W 2020. So it's weird and complex, but that's what makes sense to me. The 'tournament' has changed age restrictions, but we can't accurately reflect that here. 

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