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?? CHN vs. ?? UKR - Highlights | Women's OQT 2023

#China #WorldOlympicQualification2024 Congratulations to China! Great, great volleyball of Gong Xiangyu #XiangyuGong ?

Ding Xia, she's so beautiful when she smiles

#XiaDing #China #GrupaAzotyChemikPolice ❤️Welcome Ding Xia in Tauron Liga. Good Luck!??

The best liberos in the world

Gizem Örge is the best for sure.

Xia Ding (丁霞) - Amazing Volleyball Setter | Setter Attacks | BEST SETS | Women's VNL 2019

❤️#XiaDing #China #bestplayers #setter Thank You Ding Xia! Thank you for the beautiful collection of videos. ?

Ding Xia! The old man is brave and has great ambitions!

 #XiaDing #China #bestplayers #setter  Ding Xia will always be young! ❤️??

Srbia u17 2020/2021

World Cup Mexico 2020/21 position four

Thailand reign supreme at 22nd Asian Senior Women's Championship

#AsianChampionships2023 #SoutheastAsianGames2023 #AsianGames2023 #Thailand  #China  #Japan  ?Congratulations to Thailand ??, ?congratulations to China ??, ?congratulations to Japan ??

Sana Anarkulova highlights


China 3-2 Japan
CHN_HRQ_FAN in China 3-2 Japan
5 months ago
China 3-0 India
CHN_HRQ_FAN in China 3-0 India
5 months ago

#AsianChampionships2023 #AVCChallengeCup2023 #China We can be calm about the future of women's volleyball in China looking at this team.?

China 3-0 Philippines

@VincentKong Thank You . This link working. I read the article.

China vs. Italy (Full Match) | U21 World Championship - Final

#WorldChampionshipsU212023  #ChinaU20 #YushanZhuang ❤️???The girls from China played with the whole Team and enjoyed their game. Congratulations to U21 Team of China.

Kurashiki Ablaze helps cleanup Philsports Arena after Awards ceremony

 Japanese , very civilized, they always leave a good impression on the Vietnamese people??

Beilun's training camp

#China #womenbestplayers Beautiful pictures.? I am very happy that Mr. Cai Bin does not limit himself to one lineup, but selects girls for the national team based on the current strength of their game. ❤️?? Go go China!


@Feminine Thank you very much, I also wish you all the best

Atletas do time de vôlei do Fluminense marcam presença na Flu Fest — Fluminense Football Club

Athletes from the Fluminense volleyball team are present at Flu Fest

Flu Fest started this Saturday (07/22) and had the illustrious presence of athletes from the Fluminense volleyball team. Opposite Ariane, central Dani Seibt, setter Carol Donatiello and wingers Paula Mohr and Elina were at Estádio de Laranjeiras to celebrate the club's 121st anniversary.

Excited, Ariane arrived right after the gates opened and enjoyed Belo's show with all the singer's hits on the tip of her tongue: “I am very happy to be part of this incredible party that Fluminense is holding in honor of its 121 years. I am in love with Belo and enjoying his show was wonderful. The structure is sensational, everyone has to enjoy it a lot because Fluminense deserves this party”.

The adventurous spirit took hold of the Volleyball Warriors and Ariane, Dani and Carol took the opportunity to go down the 12-meter-high zip line, one of the festival's many attractions. The toy crosses the entire lawn of Laranjeiras: “When I saw the zip line, I was sure I couldn't stop going. It was an emotional experience," said Dani Seibt.

The athletes also followed the shows of Xamã, Dado Villa-Lobos and Marcelo Bonfá, in addition to performances by El Pavuna, DJ Nath, DJ Saci, THeaga, DJ Laura Atalla, Fanfarra Festiva Tricolor, Bloco Minha Raiz and the Guerreiros Tricolores Samba School.

“I am very happy to be here and to be part of this moment of celebration. I only have praise for the structure, decoration and organization of the event, not to mention the wonderful shows. I even took the opportunity to go on the zip line”, said Carol Donatiello in an excited tone.

Flu Fest continues this Sunday (07/23) with more than special new attractions. The second day of the event, which will be opened by DJ Laura Atalla, will also feature the Guerreiros Tricolores Samba School, El Pavuna and Fafarra Festiva Tricolor before the Marvilla show at 4pm. The sertaneja duo Matheus e Kauan and the outfit Nova close the celebrations.

NOTE: Article published on the official website of Fluminense Football Club


The experienced and victorious Vanessa Janke has her first professional experience in Rio de Janeiro

Vanessa, Uzelac, Ariane, Camila Paracatu and Claire will make the Fluminense team a candidate for the titles in 2023/2024.

Fluminense team has an inspiring pre-season scenario

Foreigners Claire Félix (USA) and Aleksandra Uzelac (SER) are not yet with the pre-season squad.

Jogadoras do Fluminense torcem no FlaxFlu

Camila Paracatu e Vanessa Janke abrilhantaram o camarote do Fluminense no Maracanã 

Poland 0 - 3 China Semifinals - Final Round - Women

#Poland #China #VolleyballNationsLeague2023  ❤️Congratulations to China! Congratulations to Poland! 

Fluminense players honor the football team at Maracanã.

Almost complete roster for the season. Initial phase of activity.

RTHN - Finale kupa Crne Gore

I really enjoyed the video, Tasa. Like.

Che difesa Paola Cardullo!

It's true, Elena_3. Paola's portentous defense!

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