Vakifbank Istanbul - Gent Dames (full match)

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On Tuesday VakifBank Istanbul won against Belgian rookies Gent Dames in three sets (25:13, 25:20, and 25:19) to complete their campaign in the prelims of the Women Champions League with a record of six victories in as many matches. The winners of the past edition and 2013 world champions delighted 1200 home fans as they dominated the game from the start up to the end. “I am very proud of my team. There is a clear difference in the quality of these sides and this was our first year in the Champions League, so we have learned a lot", said Belgian mentor Stijn Morand. "VakifBank did not make any mistakes tonight while we committed a lot. I hope that next year we can win some sets and hopefully even some matches if we participate again in this competition", concluded Gent Dames team captain Maud Catry.
Date: 17.12.2013
Place: "Burhan Felek Voleybol Salonu" Hall, Istanbul (TUR)
Match: Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR) - Gent Dames (BEL) 1:3 (Group D, 6th match)
Kind of tournament: Women Champions League 2013/14

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Wonderful match!

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