2020/21 Regular Season Final Standings

3 years ago

End of the Regular Season Final Standings 2021.02.14

#TEAMWIN       LOSE       Win rate
1Toray Arrows210100.0
2JT Marvelous16480.0
3NEC Red Rockets15575.0
4Denso Airybees12763.2
5Saitama Ageo Medics12860.0
6Okayama Seagulls111052.4
7Hisamitsu Springs101147.6
8Hitachi Rivale61528.6
9Toyota Auto Body Queenseis       61528.6
10PFU Bluecats41323.5
11KUROBE Aqua Fairies41620.0
12Victorina Himeji41719.0

Standings are based on the winning percentage because teams did not contest the same number of matches due to the corona wreck. Top 4 teams played SF round. JT Marvelous emerged as Champions for the 2nd time in a row.

Individual Awards for Regular Round

AwardPlayerTeamStat# of Times
Top Scorer#JanaKulan Toray      436  Points2nd time
Spike Award#HaruyoShimamura NEC 51.7% Kill Rate1st time
Block Award#FolukeAkinradewo  & #ErikaAraki SAGA & Toyota.81 Blocks/set2nd time & 2nd time
Serve Award#MisakiYamauchi NEC 15.6% Serve Effect Rate1st time
Receive Award#MakoKobata JT 68.3% 1st time



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