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Egli Sabin Terry of Cuba vs Bulgaria in the volleyball wo… Group D 2018-09-29 The Cuban segar Sabin "Red jersey". Among a punch on cuban youngsters take on the experienced Bulgarian ladies. A great setter who can find a middle from any where, and a good opposite which can kill…
Tijana Boskovic in World Championships 2018 Players 2019-01-24 At the young age of 21 she is on top of the world! Tijana Boskovic was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship, after her team Serbia claimed a historic…
Thatdao Nuekjang Powerful Spikes | BLOCKS | Women’s Volleyba 1/16 round 2018-10-20 Thatdao Nuekjang Powerful Spikes | BLOCKS | Women’s Volleyball World Championships 2018 Thatdao Nuekjang Powerful Spikes | BLOCK | Women’s Volleyball World Championships 2018 Thatdao Nuekjang (T…
Miyu Nagaoka in World Championships 2018 final - 5th match 2018-10-20 Top 15 Best Volleyball Spikes Miyu Nagaoka 長岡望悠 | FIVB Women’s World Championships 2018. .
Pleumjit Thinkaow in WCH 2018 Players 2019-01-09 Pleumjit Thinkaow is a Thai volleyball player . She is a member of the Thailand women's national volleyball team. Her international debut was at the 21st SEA Games in Malaysia. In 2018 she played in …
Li Yingying in World Championships 2018 3rd place match 2018-10-20 Li Yingying 李盈莹 BEST Volleyball Spiker in FIVB Women’s World Championships 2018. Li Yingying (Chinese: 李盈莹; born February 19, 2000 in Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang) is a female Chinese volleyba…
Samantha Bricio in WCH 2018 Players 2018-12-29 The result of Mexico in World Championships was not good, but Samantha Bricio had some good actions in this event. We can admire her skills in this movie.
Yuki Ishii in WCH 2018 5-12 places 2018-10-20 In 2018 Japan hosted the biggest tournament in the year - World Championships. In this event Yuki Ishii showed a lot of amazing actions.
Tijana Bosković spike in 5 languages final 2018-10-20 Check out her epic action in 5 differents languages around the world and feel the emotion. The triumph gave Serbia their first World Champs. She got MVP award!
Italy in matches against Russia and USA Highlights 2018-10-12 Italy qualified for the Final Six of the Women's World Championship with 9 wins out of 9 matches, losing only three sets all together. In their last two matches of the second phase they beat amazingl…
Japan - Brazil (Highlights) Group E 2018-10-11 The Asian side advanced to the final six. The South Americans are out of the top 6 for the first time since 2002.
Turkey - Thailand (Highlights) Group F 2018-10-11 It was a big day for Meryem Boz, who led all scorers with 24 points. Her team finished 5th in Group F, while Thailand wrapped up the tourney on the 7th place in the second round.
Germany - Brazil (SET3) Group E 2018-10-07 In the third set of their match against Brazil in the World Championship Germany asked for a challenge of the referee call on a match point for the Brazilians. Germany won the challenge, won the set 3…
China - Thailand (Highlights) Group F 2018-10-07 China won in the last match of the day in Osaka. Game was held in Sunday.
Mexico - Germany (Highlights) Group A 2018-10-03 Germany won for the third match in a row at Yokohama Arena.
Impossible rally (China - Bulgaria) Group B 2018-10-03 Bulgaria won a virtually impossible rally against China in their fourth match in the first phase of the Women's World Volleyball Championship! Unbelievable!
Serbia - Brazil (Highlights) Group D 2018-10-01 Serbia showed great volleyball in Japan! Tijana Bosković scored 24 points in a dominating performance as the Serbs won their third straight match. She was relentless on attack throughout the evening.
Kazakhstan - Puerto Rico (short cut) Group D 2018-09-30 The second day in Hamamatsu. Puerto Rico won it in three sets.
Cuba - Bulgaria (short cut) Group B 2018-09-30 After a perfect task in service and block, the Europeans achieved their first victory in Sapporo. Cuba, who lost 0:3 to China in their opener, dropped to 0-2.
USA - Trinidad and Tobago (short cut) Group C 2018-09-30 American team won the second victory after defeating Trinidad & Tobago in Japan. Michelle Bartsch was the best scorer for USA with 15 points, while Channon Thompson scored 8 points for Trinidad & To…
Brazil - Dominican Republic (short cut) Group D 2018-09-30 The best actions in game played at Hamamatsu Arena. Brazil was solid in every facet of the game this day. They served, passed and blocked well throughout the contest.
Cameroon - Germany (short cut) Group A 2018-09-30 This was the first ever meeting between Cameroon and Germany in WCH 2018. Lisa Gründing scored 10 points for the winning team.
Argentina - Japan (short cut) Group A 2018-09-29 Japan dominated the match against Argentina. The Netherlands provide Japan’s next opponents on Sunday, when Argentina will also be in action again against Mexico.
China - Cuba (short cut) Group B 2018-09-29 China are among the winning teams on this first day in Group B. Olympic champions China had a total of 17 blocking points in game against Cuba.
Azerbaijan - USA (short cut) Group C 2018-09-29 The United States began their defence of the Women's World Championship with a hard-fought 3:0 victory over a powerful Azerbaijan. Coach Karch Kiraly said: "I want to compliment the Azerbaijan team fo…
Germany - Netherlands (short cut) Group A 2018-09-29 Amazing game of Lonneke Slöetjes with 36 points. The 27-year-old was too hot for Germany to handle, with her spike especially effective as she finished 20 of 53 balls.
Mexico - Cameroon (short cut) Group A 2018-09-29 The first battle in WCH 2018. Cameroon’s Laetitia Crescence Moma Bassoko was top scorer with 21 points. In next game, Cameroon will face Germany on Sunday while Mexico clash with Argentina on the sa…
Turkey - Canada (short cut) Group B 2018-09-29 Turkey remain undefeated in front of the Canadians in major tournaments and showed great level on service and attack to output its rival and get the win.
Puerto Rico - Brazil (short cut) Group D 2018-09-29 There were few rallies as both teams relied on quick attacks. Brazil won against Puerto Rico in their opening match in World Championship on Saturday.
Russia - Trinidad and Tobago (short cut) Group C 2018-09-29 Russia in 67 minutes won first game in WCH 2018. Sborna had too much experience and too much power for their opponents. Nataliya Goncharova scored 13 points.