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Region World
Date from 459903600
Date to 461109599
Teams 8
Rank 10.00
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breakingiceKR 16 1
1 week ago

According to the official report found here on page 591,  the best player of the tournament are

  • Total Kills: Maria Salgado (BRA)
  • Kill %: Julie Vollertsen (USA)
  • Total Blocks: Rose Magers (USA)
  • Solo Blocks: Sandra Lima (BRA)
  • Sewing Ace: Meizhu Zheng (CHN)
  • Perfect Receptions: Heloisa Roese (BRA)

I think by current standards, the Best Spiker is Vollertsen, Best Blocker is Magers, Best Server is Zheng, and Best Receiver is Roese.

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