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4 months ago
  • Best Scorer was given to Yeon-Koung Kim, despite being the best scorer for overall points being Yusleinis Herrera Alvarez. Kim was best scorer for points per set, which I think was the standard for this season.
  • Best Spiker was given to Yeon-Koung Kim, although Ivana Milos was best spiker statistics-wise.
  • Best Server was given to Floortje Meijners, although Yeon-Koung Kim was best server statistics-wise.
  • Best Setter was given to Naz Aydemir, although Nedime Elif Öner was best setter statistics-wise.
  • Best Reciever was given to Gözde Kırdar, although Ana Starčević was best receiver statistics-wise.
  • Best Libero was given to Gizem Örge, although dataproject's best team is Nihan Yeldan.
  • Dataproject, Italian Wikipedia, English Wikipedia


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