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In many club and national tournaments in the first phase of tournament there is a group stage and then playoffs. The addition of groups can be fine in current Table, while for playoffs a new section could be added between Table and Arenas. Below I will list some possible new features for tournaments:

  • Group stage + playoffs
    Additional options:
    • Groups - 2, 3, 4, 5 etc...
    • Playoffs * 
    (1/64 - 128 teams
    1/32 - 64 "
    1/16 - 32 "
    1/8 - 16 "
    1/4 - 8 "
  •  Single-elimination tournament
    Additional option:
    • Playoffs * (same option as group stage + playoff)
  • Round-robin tournament
    No additional options

It could be very useful for making national team tournaments more complete but also to remove some separate tournaments to groups on website such as Italian Serie B, B1 and B2 or other similar tournaments with many groups.

1 год тому назад

You're trying to join the different groups into one single tournament…

Funny, the MOST thing I want right now it's to separate the damn Serie A2 into 2 groups instead of having just one single thing that in the site has no logic at all since there's this big 23 teams single tournament in that some of them will never play against each other and it's driving me crazy…. 


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