Egyptian Women's Volleyball League need update past seasons results places?

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@FarukYalçın Egyptian Women's Volleyball League 

I don't know 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed teams (1981-82 & 1994-95)? if anyone knows please updates past season champions team 2nd & 3rd placed teams!? Except Al-Ahly WVC Team 39 Times Champions I write down already… If anyone know research from google, write down comment or visit page update your self's… Best regards.

10 mesi fa

@FarukYalçın, I tried to help you by doing a search. However, on Google there is no reference to the Egyptian League. There is even more information about the selection of Egypt, and the male is the one with more information.
I therefore suggest that you look for the website of the Egyptian Volleyball Federation, you will certainly find the information you are looking for there, or at least there will be a channel through which you can communicate, asking for the information you want.
Good luck.

Faruk YalçınAuthor 1
10 mesi fa

@EduardoCarlos thank you??for help. I'll look at it.


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