From beach volleyball player to coach

2on2 1
2023-11-13 • 1282 wyświetleń • 2 replies

How can I change my status from player to coach within one account?

If this can't be done, I would appreciate it if this function could be implemented, because this is the way sports life works for many players and it's strange that there is no such function. Thank you.

pedeshtrian 129 24
5 miesięcy temu

Hi. I changed your profile from “beach player” to “indoor and beach player”, then added some fake coaching job in a club. Later I removed the coaching job and change back you to “beach player” again. Now, I can see you as a coach in your page. It's only thing that I can think of and do at the moment. Is it fine now?

2on2Author 1
5 miesięcy temu

@JohnDoe Thank you very much! Interesting. I see “Volleybox → Coaches”, but not in It's not a big problem, thank you very much anyway.

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