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Alexia Ioana Carutasu ??, what have you done?!

next year with Vakifbank!

Highlights best spiker lee jaeyeong in premier match

they played pretty well on this match. i wish they can improve their team work and trust each other more before CEV cup. well , we knew that twins is new in PAOK and Greece League. Language barrier its also once of their problem 😕 hope Twins can prove they're worth it for PAOK Family hehe #Leetwins

Powerful Volleyball Spikes by Volleyball Legend Changning Zhang (張常寧) | VNL 2021

#Jiangsu #China #ChangningZhang  This girl can demolish the opposing team. I especially admire Her strong attacks from the situational balls. 

“Lee Jae-young and Da-young will advance 100% to Italy and Turkey next year”.. Greek media claim

@•ʀᴀʏʏʏ• Wish you all the best RAYYY, remember “ONCE PAOK-ALWAYS PAOK”. Olympiakos last defeat was 3 years ago, that's why they still cry…😀😀😀, from Birmingham-England (PAOK everywhere!!!)

Ekaterina Efimova (Екатерина Ефимова) - B…

come back to DynamoMoscow !

ANNOUNCEMENT !! With superstar Jae-Yeong Lee, PAOK strengthens its limbs !

She will show high skills and fashions to Greek PAOK FANS

Li Yingying (李盈莹) - 3rd meter spikes (SUPER Volleyball Spikes) | VNL 2021

#Tianjin Li Yingying exhibits incredible attack power in an offensive game, especially in a duet with Yao Di. It would be a sin not to use such a trump card in matches of the Chinese national team.😍

Vakıfbank vs Fenerbahçe Opet | Turkish League 2021/22 Full Match

Bu sezon izlediğim en heyecanlı derbi.. 
FB çok iyi bir tahkim kurmuş.. Avrupa da bu sezon adından çok söz ettirecek.. Vakifbank´i söylemeye gerek yok bir marka..

The Lee Twins in Thessaloniki!

@•ʀᴀʏʏʏ• Pls support them to become familiar with new team.

emiremirdir in MATCH OF THE DAY ...
1 tydzień temu

See new transfers of teams at this match #VakıfbankSporSarayı 

Zehra Güneş best of the best
darioy in Zehra Güneş best of the best
1 tydzień temu

what a hit #ZehraGüneş 🙏

Eczacıbaşı 2-3 Vakıfbank
Tomris in Eczacıbaşı 2-3 Vakıfbank
2 tygodni temu


Incredible Cristina Chirichella | Monster Spikes and Blocks (HD)

 Zehra Güneş is the first. Second is Chirichella #Volleyboxnet 

Talented Setter Gamze Alikaya - The Best Setter of Turkey

She is the second setter of national team #Volleyboxnet 

Lee Jaeyeong joins her twin sister, Lee Dayeong to play for PAOK Thessaloniki (Greece)

@GalBC go and rewatch their interview, they have already apologized for it - both 10 years ago & now. Even their teammates from middle school showed their text messages apologizing to them & wishing to meet in person to apologize.

What they did was not a crime but a childhood err, the adults in their school (teachers/coaches) should have been the ones held responsible for not stopping what had happened. They have apologized, owned up to it & apologized again, and have since changed


@LilyaAkçay bence de haklısın yayınlar berbat

Ajcharaporn kongyot vs Kuzeyboru 21 points to bedut in the Turkish league’s

Ajcharaporn is a good player. But she is not good enough for the Turkish süper leauge or italian leauge.. she can play in japon , ispania, greece etc.

Caught in the midst of a bullying scandal, South Korean volleyball twins Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong controversially sign for Greek club

@epark Actively seeking to destroy other people's lives based on rumors (and not in court's decision) is certainly NOT ‘’value of human being and healthy society’'….

Let's wait for the police report first and then we'll know more about what really happened (its taking sooooo long for police to conduct investigation)

Either way, PAOK is a team that gives second chances (why dont you check its attitude towards Cuban players), as long as there is no criminal conviction for twins there is no reason not to sign them, i think.  

It will be a good acquisition in terms of helping team's strength, marketability, reputation and long term fanbase building (i think you got it totally wrong to be honest 😅)

Its obvious that there is a witch-hunting right now from Korean media, playing abroad will make all sides see things clearer. 


Eczacıbaşı Dynavit - Galatasaray HDI Insurance: 0-3

what are u doing eczacı lol

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Alexia Ioana Carutasu ??, what have you done?!

Alexia with Boskovic in team please!

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