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Di Yao (姚迪) Amazing Volleyball Setter from China | VNL 2021

#DiYao  #TheOlympics2021 Setter with a very high playing culture, is accurate in positioning the balls to attack, is very good in defense, is accurate in positioning the block. I am most impressed with Her playing the minimum area of the pitch when deflecting the balls, thus creating maximum comfort for attackers. It is a pity that at the Olympics She did not have too many opportunities to present Her art.

Russia vs Serbia - Rio 2016 Volleyball Women's Quarter Fi…

how can i watch this video?

Hungary vs. Israel Highlights - #EuroVolleyW Qualifiers

Hajrá Magyarország!❤️👍

@CHN_HRQ_FAN Still a lot of uncertainty in terms of who will go to that tournament, and how are they going to get through the health and safety guidelines, but I hope they can participate in the games.

I think they have done the right thing with the twins, even though it hurts team Korea's ability in VNL and Olympics. I think their chance of getting on the podium has shrunk a lot, and it's not like that they have high chance of medaling to begin with. The future of Korean volleyball seems to become more uncertain with the twins being banned by the federation.

Sanae Watanabe Retires
CHN_HRQ_FAN in Sanae Watanabe Retires
2 maanden geleden

@sitenoise So something had to happen in her life, let her and her relatives go well.🙏

MENGJIE WANG (王梦洁) Amazing Volleyball Libero - Best Volleyball DIGS-SAVES 2019

😍Thank You for sharing the video, great action from the game Wang Mengjie, congratulations on your choice.  ps .: the last action in the film (start 4min 32s) is performed by an equally good player Lin Li.

Irina Voronkova - Russian "Powerful Gun" in Women's Volleyball

Irina is a cool player!

Brazil v Turkey - Full Match - Semi Final | Women's VNL 2…

It was a great match. 

Alexia Ioana Carutasu ??, what have you done?!

I think she is a rising young star. 

Maja Ognjenovic Best of CEV Champions League 4th round

I think she is the best woman setter in the world now.

Anthi Vasilantonaki breaks Turkish League record with 44 points in 1 game!

Anthi shows herself in Turkish League. She had great league season. She will be better.

Conegliano - Novara | Speciale | Gara1 Finale Playoff | Lega Volley Femminile 2020/21

İgor herbots u çaprazda oynatsa smarzekten daha iyi bir verim alabilirdi

The road to gold is difficult! That's how our girls fight!! ?

Alla Galkina is just space in defense! 😍

Melissa Vargas is ready to play for the Turkish National Volleyball Team!

She will be authorized to play two years from the moment she earned the nationality though. In 2023, that is.
I thought she also obtained the Serbian nationality months ago, what about that ?

Elena Takova OPP Attacks
Blazej Brozowski in Elena Takova OPP Attacks
3 maanden geleden

Nice left handed. #DPDIŁCapitalLegionoviaLegionowo  +48 22 784 41 45 [email protected] insta menedżer  Maciej Szewczyk

French Cup 2019/20 final matches played with the 2020/21 rosters (2019/20 competitions stopped due to coronavirus pandemic)

Japan v Thailand - 2016 Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament

@PierreFoucault I'm afraid so but, trying to be understandable towards him , he endured some technical troubles earlier in the match, particularly at the end of Set 4, at 23-24 for Japan, when he requested a change that was not allowed, because of what is (famously) known as the collapsing, during this particular match, of the new tablet/calling system set for the competition. Unfortunately for Thailand, his attitude has probably made his team out of the match. Nonetheless, Japan had enough heart and talent to come back from 6-12 to 12-12 and then win the match.

Aldoshuna Tania #7 9 ace points in match vs Almatu

#JokerŚwiecie  #UNIOpole

Season 2012-2013 - Japan V.League

4th Set from 2nd Challenge (relegation) match between Denso Airybees (V.League Division 1 #7) vs Hitachi Rivale (V.League Divison 2 #2)

Rules to separate teams : 1. matches won, 2. sets won, 3. total points won. If still tied, the Division 1 team (Denso) remains in D1.

1st match score: Denso Airybees 3-1 Hitachi Rivale (25-18, 19-25, 25-20, 25-19)

2nd match after 3 sets: Hitachi leads 2-1 (25-15, 25-20, 17-25) but Denso leads on points: 154-149

Hitachi has to win 4th Set with a 6+ points lead to be promoted to D1.

Hitachi Rivale roster: 4 Yukiko Ebata (OH), 5 Arisa Sato (L), 9 Yukino Nagamatsu (S), 12 Moemi Toi (OPP) (cap), 10 Jennifer Doris (MB), 11 Saori Takahashi (OH) 16 Kotomi Matsushita (MB)

BEST Volleyball Spikes - Hanging in the Air Fang Duan | Women's Volleyball

#FangDuan #LinyuDiao Thank You so much for this movie. In these selected actions, apart from Duan Fang, I really liked the game of the setter Diao Linyu.  Great, great. Bravo!

Yuan Xinyue (袁心玥) - Best Volleyball Actions 2019 (Spikes - Blocks) | Women's Volleyball

thank you for presenting these actions to this talented and brave volleyball player. I would love to see Her and Her team play at the next Olympics.

Amazing Volleyball SETTER - Linyu Diao from China | Women's VNL 2019

😍Yes, She is a great setter! I hope we will be able to admire Her playing at the great international volleyball tournaments.

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