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Russian National Team - Training

@Dama yeah, of course. There's a lot of players who could be on the list. I am writing an update as this training camp has been canceled due to the Corona virus situation in Russia. In a few hours I will post here. 

Tijana Boskovic - Most Powerful Spikes | SPEED - 104 km/h…

She's just an amazing player. 

The Olympics 1984 chat

According to the official report found here on page 591,  the best player of the tournament are

  • Total Kills: Maria Salgado (BRA)
  • Kill %: Julie Vollertsen (USA)
  • Total Blocks: Rose Magers (USA)
  • Solo Blocks: Sandra Lima (BRA)
  • Sewing Ace: Meizhu Zheng (CHN)
  • Perfect Receptions: Heloisa Roese (BRA)

I think by current standards, the Best Spiker is Vollertsen, Best Blocker is Magers, Best Server is Zheng, and Best Receiver is Roese.

Türkiye Bayanlar Voleybol Ligi 2003/04 chat

Hello guys, I'm from Brazil. I have a volleyball channel on Youtube, I invite you to get to know it.

Amber De Tant - Amazing Belgium Libero | Crazy Volleyball…

@VCOudegemVCO And I'm going to watch some games this season

Turkish Super Cup 2015/16 chat

como me gustaria jugar e trabajar en  la liga turca como entrenador 



@Fernandoo Yes you can follow all our home matches (FREE) at our Facebook-page, if you don't want to miss it make sure that you like the page: 

European Olympic Qualification 2008 chat

thank you for your correction

Asian Championship U17 2005 chat

Link to watch video: 

Türkiye Bayanlar Voleybol Ligi 2014/15 chat
  • Best Scorer was given to Yeon-Koung Kim, despite being the best scorer for overall points being Yusleinis Herrera Alvarez. Kim was best scorer for points per set, which I think was the standard for this season.
  • Best Spiker was given to Yeon-Koung Kim, although Ivana Milos was best spiker statistics-wise.
  • Best Server was given to Floortje Meijners, although Yeon-Koung Kim was best server statistics-wise.
  • Best Setter was given to Naz Aydemir, although Nedime Elif Öner was best setter statistics-wise.
  • Best Reciever was given to Gözde Kırdar, although Ana Starčević was best receiver statistics-wise.
  • Best Libero was given to Gizem Örge, although dataproject's best team is Nihan Yeldan.
  • Dataproject, Italian Wikipedia, English Wikipedia
Belgian Liga A 2020/21 chat

@Hoekman yes, of course. Thanks for reporting that.

You are an admin of that tournament from now.

Turkish Cup 2014/15 chat
  • Best Scorer: Yeon-Koung Kim
  • Best Server: Floortje Meijners
  • Best Blocker: Milena Rasic
  • Best Reciever: Nihan Yeldan
  • Best Spiker: Eda Erdem

Nebraska - Penn State (Full Match)

Why can you no longer find a video of the full match of the 2017 ncaa semifinal match between nebraska and penn state anywhere? Used to be on youtube. Why was it pulled?


Asian Olympic Qualification 1996 chat

The Asian qualification tournament was held in Canberra, Australia, from March 28th to 31st. South Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei and Australia participated in the tournament with the winner of the finals granted one ticket for the 1996 Summer Olympics. It was held in a round-robin format and the ticket went to South Korea. Yoon-Hee Chang was voted as MVP. Articles in Korean about this: 1, 2, 3.

Korean V-League 2009/10 chat

Kenny Moreno(Hyundai) was the regular round MVP and Montanyo(KGC) was the Final Championship MVP. Again, KOVO has failed to list this on their website but here is a picture on the website of the tournament.

Korean V-League 2008/09 chat

Bethania De La Cruz (GS Caltex) was the regular round MVP and Yeon-Koung Kim(Heungkuk) was the Final Championship MVP. For some reason, KOVO has failed to list this on their website. One news video about this and another interview.

Korean V-League 2007/08 chat

Yeon-Koung Kim (Heungkuk) was the MVP of the regular round, but the finals MVP is Dae-Young Jung (GS Caltex). There is an interview article and another news article about this. Under KOVO website, it also says 챔프전 MVP (Championship MVP) is Jung.

Korean V-League 2019/20 chat

@breakingice Okay I've done it, thanks for answering and for your informations :)

Korean Cup 2018/19 chat

Thailand's team EST (7th) and Vietnam's Vietinbank (8th) also participated in the Cup. Tournament Information and ranking.

Korean Cup 2009/10 chat

@breakingice Fixed, thanks for notifying it.

VNL 2020 Cancelled
Evgeniy Daiv in VNL 2020 Cancelled
1 month ago

It will be completely sad without volleyball

Ukrainian Cup volleyball Orbita vs Galichanka

Semi-final match of Ukrainian national Cup 2018/2019 

Lokomotiv KALININGRAD Region vs VakifBank ISTANBUL - #CLV…

It was a good game, we had to win, but ...

Isidora Ubavic Highlight 2019/2020

@AlbertNemes Thank you so much!!

Volero Zurich revient en Suisse


The Volero Le Cannet finished the season with 15 wins in a row in all competitions since the beginning of the year.  These sudden interruptions of the competitions finally did not make it possible to achieve the objectives.  I'm still convinced that the team could have won many of the coveted titles.

Montreux Volley Masters Cancels 2020 edition

@sitenoise The Montreux sports hall does not meet all of the FIVB requirements, so maybe organizing a second national team tournament would be a chance to develop volleyball for the benefit of the first teams by selecting new talent.

Challenger Cup is cancelled for this year.

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