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Women volleyball forum


Beach volley tournament

Cao Marija, za koji klub igras trenutno ?


Women's volleyball dream team 2020

@EliteVolleyball I adore Andrea Drews but I think you are not objective, even more as she's your favorite player as I can see on your profile. She almost didn't play in 2020. 😉

Pretty good list though, even if I don't see how it is possible not to have Isabelle Haak and Monica De Gennaro in the top two opposites and liberos.

High level technology introduced on the volleyball courts

Rumors said that Fenerbaçe will get Egonu, and young Fedortstova🤔. Vakif vs Fenerbaçe would be interesting…

Neslihan DARNEL | 23 Pts against Vakıfbank Türk Telekom

She is a real legend for women volleyball.

Russia will not be able to use its name, flag and anthem at 2021 Olympics

the main thing is that athletes will participate, the rest is not important

Natalia Goncharova (2nd movie)


Rachael Adams
KRISTINA REICH in Rachael Adams
2 months ago

How did Rachael Adams start playing volleyball?


Anthi Vasilantonaki breaks Turkish League record with 44 points in 1 game!

The fact that she played only four sets is even more impressive. She scored 12 points out of 16 for her team in the fifth set !

Novara - Firenze | Speciale | 11^Giornata Campionato | Lega Volley Femminile 2020/21

Those highlights are terrible.. every match is only 2 minutes, even for 5-setters, in one of the best leagues in the world + 30 seconds of interview at the end. They are showing only the set points.

FINAL: Tianjin vs Shandong

It's a very pity that Sun Jie had to leave the court in the first set at 12:12, it is not known how the match would go on. Bravo Shandong!!! Congratulations Tianjin!

Ezacibashi is the winner of the Turkish Super Cup for the fifth time in a row - Tijana Boskovic MVP

@Sherlock Your information is more accurate than the volleyball association of Serbia

CEV U19 European Championship 2020

@Sherlock Well, it will happen

Cristina Chirichella - Powerful Volleyball Spikes | SUPER…

I love the one where she receives the serve and Malinov rewards her with the set and she smacks it right back

The best of Priscila Rivera

qual o nome da musica?

Russian National Team - Training

@Dama yeah, of course. There's a lot of players who could be on the list. I am writing an update as this training camp has been canceled due to the Corona virus situation in Russia. In a few hours I will post here. 

Tijana Boskovic - Most Powerful Spikes | SPEED - 104 km/h…

She's just an amazing player. 

Amber De Tant - Amazing Belgium Libero | Crazy Volleyball…

@VCOudegemVCO And I'm going to watch some games this season

8 months ago

@Fernandoo Yes you can follow all our home matches (FREE) at our Facebook-page, if you don't want to miss it make sure that you like the page: 

Nebraska - Penn State (Full Match)

Why can you no longer find a video of the full match of the 2017 ncaa semifinal match between nebraska and penn state anywhere? Used to be on youtube. Why was it pulled?


VNL 2020 Cancelled
Evgeniy Daiv in VNL 2020 Cancelled
9 months ago

It will be completely sad without volleyball

Ukrainian Cup volleyball Orbita vs Galichanka

Semi-final match of Ukrainian national Cup 2018/2019 

Lokomotiv KALININGRAD Region vs VakifBank ISTANBUL - #CLV…

It was a good game, we had to win, but ...

Isidora Ubavic Highlight 2019/2020

@AlbertNemes Thank you so much!!

Volero Zurich revient en Suisse


The Volero Le Cannet finished the season with 15 wins in a row in all competitions since the beginning of the year.  These sudden interruptions of the competitions finally did not make it possible to achieve the objectives.  I'm still convinced that the team could have won many of the coveted titles.

Montreux Volley Masters Cancels 2020 edition

@sitenoise The Montreux sports hall does not meet all of the FIVB requirements, so maybe organizing a second national team tournament would be a chance to develop volleyball for the benefit of the first teams by selecting new talent.

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@Eylull Lazareva is a very good player ; you probably never watched her play . It's stupid .It reminds me the comments of Italians when Haak arrived in Scandicci at 19 coming from France. The big mistake is to sign again Terzic !



Best comment of February

@Eylull Have you ever seen her playing? I know it's easier to overreact everything but this poor girl got so many negative comments in the last few hours from people who doesn't even heard about her. That's what I call terrible joke… 

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