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Lyubov Sokolova | Любовь Соколова | Volleyball to Remember

Lyubov Shaskova is an amazing player, all-rounded and able in all positions. She is definitely a player to remember!

Novara - Firenze | Speciale | 11^Giornata Campionato | Lega Volley Femminile 2020/21

Those highlights are terrible.. every match is only 2 minutes, even for 5-setters, in one of the best leagues in the world + 30 seconds of interview at the end. They are showing only the set points.

FINAL: Tianjin vs Shandong

It's a very pity that Sun Jie had to leave the court in the first set at 12:12, it is not known how the match would go on. Bravo Shandong!!! Congratulations Tianjin!

Ezacibashi is the winner of the Turkish Super Cup for the fifth time in a row - Tijana Boskovic MVP

@Sherlock Your information is more accurate than the volleyball association of Serbia

CEV U19 European Championship 2020

@Sherlock Well, it will happen

Cristina Chirichella - Powerful Volleyball Spikes | SUPER…

I love the one where she receives the serve and Malinov rewards her with the set and she smacks it right back

Ilka Van de Vyver - Amazing Volleyball Setter | Best Sett…

One of my favorite setter. She's amazing. 

The best of Priscila Rivera

qual o nome da musica?

Russian National Team - Training

@Dama yeah, of course. There's a lot of players who could be on the list. I am writing an update as this training camp has been canceled due to the Corona virus situation in Russia. In a few hours I will post here. 

Tijana Boskovic - Most Powerful Spikes | SPEED - 104 km/h…

She's just an amazing player. 

Amber De Tant - Amazing Belgium Libero | Crazy Volleyball…

@VCOudegemVCO And I'm going to watch some games this season

5 months ago

@Fernandoo Yes you can follow all our home matches (FREE) at our Facebook-page, if you don't want to miss it make sure that you like the page: 

Nebraska - Penn State (Full Match)

Why can you no longer find a video of the full match of the 2017 ncaa semifinal match between nebraska and penn state anywhere? Used to be on youtube. Why was it pulled?


VNL 2020 Cancelled
Evgeniy Daiv in VNL 2020 Cancelled
6 months ago

It will be completely sad without volleyball

Ukrainian Cup volleyball Orbita vs Galichanka

Semi-final match of Ukrainian national Cup 2018/2019 

Lokomotiv KALININGRAD Region vs VakifBank ISTANBUL - #CLV…

It was a good game, we had to win, but ...

Isidora Ubavic Highlight 2019/2020

@AlbertNemes Thank you so much!!

Volero Zurich revient en Suisse


The Volero Le Cannet finished the season with 15 wins in a row in all competitions since the beginning of the year.  These sudden interruptions of the competitions finally did not make it possible to achieve the objectives.  I'm still convinced that the team could have won many of the coveted titles.

Montreux Volley Masters Cancels 2020 edition

@sitenoise The Montreux sports hall does not meet all of the FIVB requirements, so maybe organizing a second national team tournament would be a chance to develop volleyball for the benefit of the first teams by selecting new talent.


i recommend that to everyone who want to watch a great match ;)

Morgan Goodman Collegiate Highlight Video

@MorganGoodman is a really skilled player.

¡Vamos ciencia! ¡Vamos "Cotito"!

I don't think "La Cotito", let them disrespect you. Thanks for the good wishes.

Widgets for developers
Sudo in Widgets for developers
10 months ago

@Volleybox To tell you the truth, I hadn't really thought about it. It was just a thought because I've always wanted to add a prediction section on our site ( and I think that the predictions on the site are perfect, hence my remark about a widget that would make the link! I will think about it more carefully.

Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Fenerbahçe OPET

Error in the score of the match, Eczacibasi won 3-2, not Fenerbahce.

Rebellion in the Polish volleyball team

Here's the letter the girls wrote in response to the response (google translated):


In connection with the article that appeared in Gazeta Wyborcza on November 6, 2019 and further interviews on this women's Polish national team in volleyball, we would like to inform you that:

1. After the end of the national team the team, excluding Magdalena Stysiak and Maria Stenzel, selected the team's representatives, ie Malwina Smarzek-Godek and JoannaWołsz, to talk with representatives of the Polish Volleyball Federation.

2. On September 9, 2019 Appointed representatives met with President Kasprzyk and presented problems arising in the team asking for reactions, thus informing that the team did not see any further possibility of cooperation with Nawrocki's coach. The delegation was not considered credible by President Kasprzyk, which prompted us to issue a letter confirming the compliance of the rest of the team with the representatives.

3. The above-mentioned letter was challenged by President Kasprzyk in terms of the authenticity of the signatures contained therein. The document contains nothing but confirmation of the coherence of the whole team's sentences with signatures. The above-mentioned document is the only one submitted by the team to PZPS. The information provided by the media regarding the alleged letter asking for the dismissal of Nawrocki's coach is false and groundless.

4. On October 17, 2019. there was a meeting of the players of the Chemist Police playing in the Polish national team with President Kasprzyk, at which President Kasprzyk declared that for the qualifications January Coach Nawrocki will remain as the first coach of the National Team, while after qualifications conversations will be resumed and attempts will be made to solve the problem. In the light of the promise made by the President, we considered that a compromise had been accepted.

5. On November 6, 2019 Information denied to the President's earlier assurances (i.e. information about the extension of the contract with Coach Nawrocki until 2022) without any talks with the team.

It is true that President Kasprzyk often urged players to talk openly and inform him about problems in the team. After an attempt, open conversation and presentation of problems, the team met with a lack of understanding on the part of the President, and in addition, the information provided to the President went to the media. A dignified representation of the country and the image of the National Team have always been the team's priority and the talks with President Kasprzyk were aimed at solving the problem. For the sake of good representation, the team tried to solve the problem without involving the media and bystanders, including agents. The multiplication of articles related to this case, and first of all the interview of President Kasprzyk revealing the details of the conversations he had undertaken earlier, caused great indignation on the team. In the face of all allegations, often false, the team feels hurt and cheated. Publicizing the internal problems of representation in the press in the opinion of players is unacceptable and may have a negative impact on the upcoming qualifications

The alleged duplicative accusation of reluctance or jealousy of the team towards Magdalena Stysiak is a nasty insinuation aimed at diverting attention from other problems. In earlier conversations of the team with Coach Nawrocki (held in Spała), the topic of the alleged conflict of Magdalena Stysiak was discussed for the first time. The team unanimously emphasized that Magdalena is a desirable player in the Polish team and that each of the girls believes in her major contribution to achieving the goals. At the end of the national season a meeting was held among the players themselves. The case was resolved and Magdalena Stysiak herself revealed the reasons for the alleged dispute. The conversation resulted in manipulations by Coach Nawrocki, who tried to turn the player against the rest of the team with comments about the alleged jealousy or dislike of the team towards her person. As it has already been mentioned above, the team is happy about Magda's presence in the national team and is counting on common successes, and the article in Gazeta Wyborcza considers it another scandalous attempt to disrupt Magdalena, moreover, the team.

During the meetings held with President Kasprzyk, we informed about the following reasons for our position:

1. The team tried to talk to Coach Nawrocki about current problems during the training camps, as well as previous staff seasons, but each conversation was met with negative reception and downplaying. Most players did not receive even one individual conversation during the 5-month staffing season.

2. There is no contact between staff seasons. The coach and training staff did not have any personal or even telephone contact with players and clubs. The team found out about everything, including calling, or a few days before the grouping began. An additional problem was the complete absence of Coach Nawrocki during league matches (domestic and foreign), which resulted in a total lack of dialogue. After we sent a letter to PZPS, the coach suddenly began to appear at matches in Poland.

3. Underestimating the health of the players and showing dissatisfaction in the event of injury. Often, putting the result above the health of the players.

4. Lowering the team's sense of value, self-confidence and individual players. Lowering the team's aspirations and potential. Lack of psychological and mental leadership of the team.

5. Lack of honesty and repetitive bad statements about their players, often also in conversations with other volleyball players.

6. Errors in the conduct of matches, lack of constructive tips, fits of fury that badly affected the team and offensive statements indicating disrespect.

7. Coach Nawrocki's acceptance of the unprofessional behavior of one of the staff members (close, close relations with one of the players). Allowing immoral behavior, while the Trainer does not react to the problem being reported by competitors.

8. Lack of a professional training staff and conducting classes incompetent trainers to train players of the National Team.

9. Slandering a staff member by Coach Nawrocki and the rest of the training staff in the presence of players, thereby introducing an uncomfortable working atmosphere.

The allegations related to such a late reaction on the part of the team were caused by care for the good of the team and the desire to meet the expectations of the supporters who were support for us in this difficult HR season. However, the team would like to emphasize that the fact of the problem was reported the day after the end of the European Championships in Turkey, i.e. on September 9, 2019. According to the team, the problem was intentionally postponed so that now, in accordance with an article by Gazeta Wyborcza, blame us just before qualifying for the Olympic Games. The article that appeared in Gazeta Wyborcza on November 6, 2019 is biased and strikes at the dignity and good name of the team. Most of the information given in it is false. The team is outraged by the light in which it was presented. The team, when contacting PZPS, counted on constructive talks to solve the problem, and not on publicizing the matter in a way that defamed the team.

Polish National Team players


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setter: maja 

middle blockers: thaisa menezes - rasic 

outside hitters: bethania de la cruz - fe garay 

opposite: egonu 

libero: monica de gennaro 

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