Women volleyball players looking for a club (163)

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Women Volleyball players looking for a club
Opposite from USA
Kyisha Hunt
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I am a strong, competitive left-handed opposite looking to continue my pro career. I am Eager to return to the court!

Last club: Volley-Ball HalluinLanguages: French, English, SpanishBirthday: 1995-11-05Height: 177cmWeight: 68kgSpike: 304cmBlock: 295cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Anna Loureiro
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Contact me so I send my cv

Last club: Eötvös DSELanguages: English, Spanish, PortugueseBirthday: 1996-06-27Height: 178cmWeight: 65kgUpdate date: 1 day ago

Opposite from Austria
Dianna Ojo
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I played long time on a professional From 2005 to 2012 though I have never left Austria to play for another team. The national team gave me the opportunity to see other countries and the value of that sport. Despite my age I am willing and capable to do more than ever

Last club: VB NÖ Sokol PostLanguages: English, French, German, SpanishBirthday: 1988-10-21Height: 180cmWeight: 88kgUpdate date: 5 days ago

Setter from Kosovo
Ardiana Krasniqi
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Last club: KV SkenderajLanguages: Turkish, Albanian, EnglishBirthday: 1999-12-03Height: 174cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Setter from Serbia
Mia Prostran
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Currently playing at Louisiana Tech University. I am set to graduate in May 2021 and I am eager to continue my volleyball career after it.

Last club: Louisiana Tech Univ.Languages: English, French, Bosnian, Serbian, Italian, Serbo-CroatianBirthday: 1999-10-30Height: 175cmWeight: 71kgSpike: 286cmBlock: 271cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Setter from USA
Alexis Falcone
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Last club: Eastern Kentucky Univ.Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1997-03-15Height: 170cmWeight: 65kgUpdate date: 1 month ago

Libero from Canada
Kennedy Snape
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Currently Training with Team Canada FTC while awaiting contract for 2020-2021 season

Last club: Calgary Univ. DinosLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1997-05-19Height: 167cmWeight: 59kgSpike: 278cmBlock: 245cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Libero from Belarus
Alena Emelyanchik
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Last club: Nadezhda GomelLanguages: Russian, Belarusian, English, PolishBirthday: 1999-04-22Height: 168cmWeight: 55kgSpike: 280cmBlock: 280cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Middle-blocker from Kosovo
Elvira Bajraktari
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Last club: KV Drita GjilanLanguages: English, Turkish, AlbanianHeight: 188cmWeight: 79kgSpike: 305cmBlock: 297cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Opposite from Belarus
Marina Tumas
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Last club: TED AnkaraLanguages: Turkish, English, RussianBirthday: 1984-09-17Height: 189cmWeight: 78kgSpike: 315cmBlock: 300cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Setter from Argentina
Camila González
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Last club: Universidad Nacional de CórdobaUpdate date: 2 months ago

Middle-blocker from Turkey

Last club: Büyükçekmece BSKBirthday: 1990-03-09Height: 186cmWeight: 67kgSpike: 295cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 2 months ago

Middle-blocker from Argentina
Sofía Londero
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Last club: C.A Villa DoraBirthday: 1998-12-21Height: 181cmWeight: 78kgSpike: 310cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 2 months ago

Outside Hitter from Russia
Kristina Filimonova
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Last club: Barry Univ.Languages: Russian, Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1996-08-30Height: 187cmWeight: 67kgUpdate date: 2 months ago

Libero from France
Mathilde Schoenauer
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Last club: Istres Provence VolleyLanguages: French, EnglishBirthday: 1997-03-03Height: 165cmUpdate date: 4 months ago

Opposite from Chile
Amalia Carvajal
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Last club: Club Deportivo MuranoLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1998-01-25Height: 179cmUpdate date: 4 months ago

Middle-blocker from Canada
Lindsay Kleuskens
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Last club: Ryerson RamsLanguages: French, EnglishBirthday: 1999-12-14Height: 183cmWeight: 72kgSpike: 297cmUpdate date: 4 months ago

Setter from Serbia

Last club: AEK LarnacaBirthday: 2000-06-07Height: 181cmWeight: 68kgUpdate date: 4 months ago

Outside Hitter from Serbia

Last club: CSU BakersfieldLanguages: English, SerbianBirthday: 1995-05-10Height: 180cmUpdate date: 4 months ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina

Last club: Vélez SarsfieldLanguages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1999-11-10Height: 182cmWeight: 66kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 5 months ago

Libero from Bulgaria
Mariela Gerenova
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Email: mmgerenova14@gmail.com

Last club: Slavia SofiaLanguages: Bulgarian, Simple EnglishBirthday: 2000-04-20Height: 168cmWeight: 57kgUpdate date: 5 months ago

Middle-blocker from Montenegro
Ivona Kalezić
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For more informations and videos you can conntact me on ivonaakalezic@gmail.com

Languages: Serbian, EnglishBirthday: 2002-01-20Height: 183cmWeight: 71kgSpike: 210cmBlock: 224cmUpdate date: 6 months ago

Opposite from Cuba

Last club: Ciudad HabanaBirthday: 2002-12-10Height: 183cmUpdate date: 1 hour ago

Universal from USA
Experience in USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic. Message me for game video ?? Looking for a new experience.

Last club: TapatíasLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1997-08-23Height: 180cmWeight: 72kgSpike: 307cmBlock: 299cmUpdate date: 6 days ago

Setter from Azerbaijan

Last club: AbsheronBirthday: 1991-08-03Height: 178cmWeight: 63kgSpike: 287cmBlock: 280cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Setter from Ukraine

Last club: Rehina-MEGU-OshvsmBirthday: 1994-08-30Height: 182cmWeight: 62kgSpike: 305cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Middle-blocker from Chile

Last club: Volleya ObwaldenLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1998-05-08Height: 178cmWeight: 65kgBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 4 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Cuba

Birthday: 2003-01-26Height: 189cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Opposite from Colombia

Last club: Aris ThessalonikiBirthday: 1983-01-06Height: 185cmWeight: 67kgSpike: 330cmBlock: 310cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Outside Hitter from USA

Last club: Valencianas de JuncosBirthday: 1997-03-14Height: 178cmSpike: 315cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

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