Women volleyball players looking for a club (330)

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Women volleyball players looking for a club
Opposite from USA
Kiana Krumm
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Contact me for CV and videos. Looking for club for 2022-23 season. USA & Argentinian passport.

Last club: AVG Almería Volley 2008Languages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1998-02-18Height: 175cmWeight: 66kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 283cmUpdate date: 9 hours ago

Middle-blocker from Finland
Eveliina Smolander
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Last club: Puijo WolleyBirthday: 1992-07-01Height: 185cmSpike: 310cmUpdate date: 1 day ago

Middle-blocker from Kosovo
Elvira Bajraktari
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Languages: English, Turkish, Albanian, GermanBirthday: 1999-03-31Height: 191cmWeight: 83kgSpike: 305cmBlock: 297cmUpdate date: 2 days ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Anna Loureiro
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Contact me for I send my cv

Languages: English, Spanish, PortugueseBirthday: 1996-06-27Height: 178cmWeight: 70kgUpdate date: 3 days ago

Outside Hitter from Ukraine
Anastasiia Baidiuk
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Last club: Diósgyőri VTKLanguages: Serbian, English, Polish, Russian, Croatian, UkrainianBirthday: 1999-12-05Height: 193cmWeight: 79kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Outside Hitter from Latvia
Evelīna Rutkovska
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Last club: RSU/MVSLanguages: English, Latvian, Russian, SpanishBirthday: 2003-06-19Height: 184cmWeight: 73kgSpike: 295cmUpdate date: 4 days ago

Middle-blocker from Bulgaria
Ekaterina Dimitrova
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Middle-blocker looking for club with professional work for season 22/23 . Agency: Alfa Globe - Dragan Milic or [email protected]

Last club: Charleroi VolleyLanguages: Serbian, French, English, BulgarianBirthday: 1998-11-03Height: 189cmWeight: 85kgUpdate date: 4 days ago

Opposite from Turkey
Elif Alp
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Last club: Ankara Çankayagücü U18Birthday: 2007-12-13Height: 170cmWeight: 49kgUpdate date: 5 days ago

Outside Hitter from USA
Alli Cudworth
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email - [email protected] agency - Shining Stars : Katie Carter CV- https://bit.ly/3wduB3p

Last club: Olympiada Neapolis VBLanguages: Spanish, Greek, English, PortugueseBirthday: 1995-06-08Height: 182cmWeight: 76kgSpike: 301cmBlock: 286cmUpdate date: 6 days ago

Libero from Italy
Lucia Imperiali
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Looking for a team. Great worker. Big passion.

Last club: Igor Gorgonzola NovaraBirthday: 1999-05-05Height: 160cmWeight: 50kgUpdate date: 6 days ago

Libero from Poland
Aleksandra Jatczak
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e-mail: [email protected] tel: 537-847-070

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 2001-11-03Height: 171cmWeight: 64kgUpdate date: 1 week ago

Opposite from Uruguay
Meline Gimenez
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Player from Uruguay, with Spanish passport. Oposite of uruguayan national team. [email protected]

Last club: ASM BelfortLanguages: English, Spanish, PortugueseBirthday: 2000-11-15Height: 181cmWeight: 64kgUpdate date: 1 week ago

Libero from Serbia
Ljubica Dapčević
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Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1996-08-09Height: 170cmWeight: 64kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Universal from Poland
Magdalena Kaczmarek
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I was playing on Right side hitter, Middle blocker,Left side hitter

Last club: MLKS ORLIK MIŁOSŁAWLanguages: Polish, German, English, SpanishBirthday: 2000-11-19Height: 182cmWeight: 68kgBlock: 282cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina
Angeles Ligorria
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Birthday: 2000-01-24Height: 180cmWeight: 68kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Nathalia Reboucas
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Contact me for CV and videos :) [email protected] Languages : Portuguese English Spanish

Last club: Gislaved VBKLanguages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, FrenchBirthday: 1994-09-16Height: 180cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Cecilia Campos
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https://youtu.be/9PoJ70XDWZw Searching club for season 2022/23 free for all offers, I have no manager. Feel free to contact for any kind of arrangement. I’ve played for teams in Brazil and in the US. Feel free to contact me at +1 (405)9247131 or [email protected]

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, EnglishUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Ukraine
Lena Mykhailiutenko
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Languages: English, RussianBirthday: 2003-03-28Height: 183cmWeight: 64kgSpike: 303cmBlock: 293cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Opposite from USA
Kyisha Hunt
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I am a strong, competitive left-handed opposite looking to continue my pro career. I am Eager to return to the court!

Last club: VölsungurLanguages: French, English, SpanishBirthday: 1995-11-05Height: 177cmWeight: 67kgSpike: 310cmBlock: 300cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from France
Victoire Nama
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I am a 22 French-Cameroonian player. I am currently playing for the senior Cameroonian national team. I’m looking for a club for the season 2022-2023.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, French, SpanishBirthday: 2000-04-06Height: 186cmSpike: 308cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Libero from Ukraine
Arina Boiko
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[email protected] My videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x6Te2LLGpM https://youtu.be/2nUEZvuVYZ https://youtu.be/FXdZp_NcO-Q https://youtu.be/HfAVpCbjc1w https://youtu.be/iuX5GjchKLg

Languages: English, UkrainianBirthday: 2003-06-02Height: 173cmWeight: 55kgSpike: 250cmBlock: 240cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Kazakstan
Svetlana Parukova
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[email protected]

Last club: ZhetysuLanguages: Russian, BelarusianBirthday: 1990-09-21Height: 185cmWeight: 80kgSpike: 297cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Serbia
Milena Spasojević
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Last club: X.A.N. ThessalonikiBirthday: 1995-09-05Height: 182cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Opposite from Brazil
Pamela Moreira
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My name is Pamela, I am a 24 left-handed who plays as an opposite. I'm Brazilian, I've been on the São Paulo state team and I've already done the detection for the national team 3 times. My last season was in Turkey and now I am looking for a new team to make the best out of it!

Languages: English, PortugueseBirthday: 1998-04-05Height: 182cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Opposite from Belarus
Marina Tumas
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Last club: CF CarthageLanguages: Turkish, English, RussianBirthday: 1984-09-17Height: 189cmWeight: 78kgSpike: 315cmBlock: 300cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Setter from Slovakia
Lucia Sedláčková
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Languages: French, EnglishBirthday: 1999-06-07Height: 178cmWeight: 68kgSpike: 290cmBlock: 272cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Setter from Hungary

Last club: MÁV Előre SCLanguages: Hungarian, German, EnglishBirthday: 1992-08-08Height: 170cmWeight: 65kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina
Laura Cores
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Last club: Club Glorias ArgentinasBirthday: 1987-06-26Height: 177cmWeight: 82kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Outside Hitter from Argentina
Carolina Paladino
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I'm looking for a team for the season 22/23.

Last club: CAM Épinal VolleyLanguages: English, French, SpanishHeight: 177cmWeight: 66kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Setter from Argentina
Noeli Giacomino
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I'm looking for a team for the season 22/23.

Last club: CAM Épinal VolleyLanguages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, PortugueseBirthday: 1990-09-18Height: 170cmWeight: 60kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

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