Women volleyball players looking for a club (278)

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Women volleyball players looking for a club
Outside Hitter from Bulgaria
Maria Buchkova
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Last club: CSKA SofiaBirthday: 2004-07-22Height: 183cmWeight: 68kgUpdate date: 7 hours ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Anna Loureiro
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Contact me for I send my cv

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, EnglishBirthday: 1996-06-27Height: 178cmWeight: 70kgUpdate date: 8 hours ago

Outside Hitter from Brazil
Nathalia Reboucas
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Contact me for CV and videos :) [email protected] Languages : Portuguese English Spanish

Languages: Portuguese, English, French, SpanishBirthday: 1994-09-16Height: 180cmUpdate date: 12 hours ago

Middle-blocker from Brazil
Gabriela Fabiano
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With passages in great teams in Brazil in the main leagues. I represented as an athlete the national and state base teams. My videos are available on my website: www.gabizonavolei.com

Languages: Spanish, English, PortugueseBirthday: 1994-01-08Height: 192cmWeight: 73kgSpike: 310cmBlock: 305cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Outside Hitter from Serbia
Nada Dragović
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Languages: Serbian, EnglishBirthday: 1994-11-01Height: 184cmWeight: 69kgSpike: 304cmBlock: 294cmUpdate date: 4 days ago

Outside Hitter from USA
Alyssa Enneking
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Message on whats app for full CV (+1 281 881 3372) All-American, right hand outside with great defense and mindset.

Birthday: 1997-12-08Height: 184cmWeight: 77kgUpdate date: 5 days ago

Libero from Brazil
Libna Sena
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Contact me for whatsapp +55 15 981678828. I'll send my cv and videos.

Languages: Portuguese, EnglishBirthday: 1998-04-08Height: 157cmWeight: 57kgUpdate date: 5 days ago

Middle-blocker from USA
Shelby Pullins
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Dedicated Hard worker who always Wants to improved each and every season. Quick fluid learner who can handle pressure. Competitor who wants to challenge teammates and gain connection.

Languages: FrenchUpdate date: 6 days ago

Opposite from USA
Kyisha Hunt
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I am a strong, competitive left-handed opposite looking to continue my pro career. I am Eager to return to the court!

Last club: VölsungurLanguages: English, Spanish, FrenchBirthday: 1995-11-05Height: 177cmWeight: 67kgSpike: 310cmBlock: 300cmUpdate date: 6 days ago

Libero from Russia
Anna Berdiugina
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🥈 - первенство города 2021 🥇 - первенство города 2022 🥉- первенство области 2020 🥈- первенство области 2021 🥇 - первенство области 2022

Last club: Uralochka-URGEULanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 2004-02-10Height: 165cmWeight: 48kgSpike: 255cmBlock: 245cmUpdate date: 6 days ago

Libero from USA
Hi! I am a DS/Libero looking for an opportunity to play at the professional level.

Birthday: 2001-05-17Height: 165cmWeight: 64kgUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Turkey
Güldenur çelik
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Birthday: 2003-07-23Height: 174cmWeight: 58kgUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from France
Victoire Nama
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UE player UE passport

Languages: Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 2000-04-06Height: 186cmSpike: 308cmBlock: 290cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Opposite from Brazil
Pamela Moreira
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My name is Pamela, I am a 24 left-handed who plays as an opposite. I'm Brazilian, I've been on the São Paulo state team and I've already done the detection for the national team 3 times. My last season was in Turkey and now I am looking for a new team to make the best out of it!

Languages: Portuguese, EnglishBirthday: 1998-04-05Height: 182cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from Ukraine
Svitlana Shvanska
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Pro-volleyball player) hard work and positive mind ) Contact me for look my cv [email protected] Thank you Best wishes ❤️

Birthday: 1990-01-09Height: 185cmWeight: 80kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 280cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Middle-blocker from Argentina
Martina Guastavino
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Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1995-07-18Height: 183cmWeight: 68kgSpike: 300cmBlock: 280cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Opposite from Turkey
Ece Yapıcı
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Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1996-01-02Height: 175cmWeight: 56kgSpike: 285cmBlock: 275cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Libero from Poland
Dagmara Makowska
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Languages: Polish, EnglishBirthday: 2002-06-14Height: 164cmUpdate date: 1 week ago

Outside Hitter from USA
Kayla Williams
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I have a huge passion for this sport and love giving it my all and working hard. Hoping to leave it all on the court again in a professional setting.

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1997-06-12Height: 180cmWeight: 73kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Libero from Japan
Mari Yamada
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I am looking for a team (Italy SerieA) where I can work as a libero.

Birthday: 1990-04-10Height: 177cmWeight: 65kgSpike: 295cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Opposite from Canada
Joslyn Peters
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opposite/outside hitter from Canada looking for a club

Languages: English, SpanishHeight: 183cmWeight: 73kgSpike: 295cmBlock: 282cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Spain
María Morales
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Contact me for CV and videos [email protected] Languages : English Spanish

Birthday: 2004-01-07Height: 182cmWeight: 74kgSpike: 283cmBlock: 265cmUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Libero from Italy
Ho iniziato a 12 anni, presso la società Pro Patria di Milano. Dopo due anni in cui ho raggiunto le finali provinciali e regionali sono passata al Volley Segrate. Il primo ed il secondo anno ho fatto il ruolo di banda mentre nell'ultima stagione ho fatto il libero nel campionato U16 eccellenza e 1 d

Languages: ItalianBirthday: 2006-09-28Height: 165cmWeight: 52kgUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Libero from Brazil
Yasmin Domingues
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treino há 6 anos e há 1 ano comecei a treinar como libero. sou extremamente apaixonada pelo vôlei. ser libero me representa muito. training 6 years ago and 1 year ago I started training as a libero. I am extremely passionate about volleyball. being libero means a lot to me.

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 2004-08-31Height: 154cmWeight: 57kgUpdate date: 4 weeks ago

Middle-blocker from Serbia
Jovana Radanović
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Middle-blocker looking for a club in 2022/2023 season.

Languages: Serbian, EnglishBirthday: 1996-06-27Height: 180cmWeight: 78kgSpike: 285cmBlock: 278cmUpdate date: 4 weeks ago

Libero from Argentina
Sol Fullone
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Languages: SpanishUpdate date: 1 month ago

Libero from Ukraine
Daria Dudenok
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+380953500398 —My WhatsApp

Languages: Polish, English, Russian, UkrainianBirthday: 2001-05-10Height: 169cmWeight: 52kgUpdate date: 1 month ago

Opposite from Brazil
Sylvia Campos
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Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, FrenchBirthday: 1990-04-10Height: 182cmWeight: 73kgSpike: 290cmBlock: 285cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Middle-blocker from Russia
Daria Sintenkova
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searching for a Club ... meanwhile looking for play Volley and possible Study ("Scholarship programs"). Also You can see my "Hightlights'" at the YouTube link below in my profile. Full matches video - as per request.

Languages: French, Russian, EnglishBirthday: 2004-08-15Height: 188cmUpdate date: 1 month ago

Middle-blocker from Argentina
Ariana González
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Last club: TB TvøroyriLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1994-09-21Height: 185cmWeight: 78kgUpdate date: 1 month ago

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