Volleyball staff members looking for a job (90)

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Volleyball staff members looking for a job
Head coach from Serbia
Milan Bratić
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Last club: Linköpings VCBirthday: 1985-03-31Update date: 1 day ago

Coach assistant from Malaysia
Hock Leong Chew
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FIVB Level II, M.Ed. in Athletic Performance, B. Eng.

Last club: Men National Taiwan Normal UniversityLanguages: Malay, English, MandarinBirthday: 1988-05-10Update date: 1 day ago

Coach assistant from Poland
Mateusz Czerwiński
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Last club: Enea PTPS PiłaLanguages: English, PolishUpdate date: 5 days ago

Physical preparation coach from Kazakstan
Yuriy Kukuruza
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Тренер по физической подготовке, лфк и реабилитация.

Last club: KuanyshLanguages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1990-06-13Update date: 2 weeks ago

Marcin Nowak
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Volleyball coach, statistics, coach of motor preparation. Last year I worked in the Joker Świecie club (Tauron Liga Poland) as a statistician, I am looking for a job for the new season as an assistant coach, motor training coach.

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1988-10-24Update date: 2 weeks ago

Statistician from Portugal
João Scheltinga
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I'm a Statistician/Match Analyst/Assistant Coach at Sporting Clube de Portugal men´s team.

Last club: Sporting Clube de PortugalLanguages: Portuguese, English, Dutch, SpanishBirthday: 1995-01-20Update date: 3 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Portugal
Hélder Gomes
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Last club: FC Amares VoleibolLanguages: Portuguese, French, EnglishUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Kazakstan
Zulkar Esniyazov
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Volleyball coach

Last club: KuanyshLanguages: Kazakh, Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1985-02-06Update date: 3 weeks ago

Head coach from Colombia
Bryan Silva
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Volleyball coach I am looking for a club for the 2021-2022 season.

Last club: Universidad San MartínLanguages: Portuguese, Spanish, EnglishUpdate date: 1 month ago

Looking to help volleyball become more popular worldwide (especially in the US where it is not). I play as a libero, my mom played, have a few people I know and friends within the community. Would love to start another career related to the sport I love.

Languages: Russian, Thai, EnglishBirthday: 1996-02-27Update date: 1 month ago

Coach assistant from Canada
Hayden Nichol
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Looking for a contract for the 2021-2022 season.

Last club: Schwarz-Weiss ErfurtLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1996-09-12Update date: 1 month ago

Coach assistant from Serbia
Marko Stojanovic
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Volleyball coach & scout from Belgrade, Serbia.

Last club: OK LogatecLanguages: Romanian, English, Slovenian, SerbianBirthday: 1994-06-15Height: 186cmWeight: 80kgUpdate date: 1 month ago

Physical preparation coach from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirza Demir
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Physical Conditioning Coach & Regional Fitness Instructor Professor MIRZA DEMIR

Last club: OK KakanjLanguages: English, GermanUpdate date: 1 month ago

Statistician from Ukraine
Pavlo Sidenko
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Statistician (Data Volley) looking for a new club, also can be coach assistant

Last club: Ukraine U17Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, PolishBirthday: 1980-07-11Update date: 1 month ago

Head coach from Argentina
Facundo Morando
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Last club: VC TirolLanguages: Italian, Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1988-04-11Update date: 1 month ago

Luciano Buscemi
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Hello! I am Luciano. During the quarantine in Argentina, I founded Sphera CB Press Agency, a different way to present yourself on social media and to show the world about your game. You play, we take care of the rest.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, GermanBirthday: 1996-04-04Update date: 1 month ago

Physical preparation coach from Spain
Bsc in Sport Science Msc Injury prevention & rehab. Sport high performance specialist Instagram: @joaquinn_bp

Last club: CV Sayre CC La BallenaLanguages: Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1994-06-16Update date: 2 months ago

Statistician from Poland
Blazej Brozowski
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Jestem miłośnikiem siatkówki kobiet, od 20 lat (z przerwami) interesuje się siatkówką. Celem do którego dążę jest medal olimpijski Reprezentacji Polski Kobiet.

Last club: WSB ToruńLanguages: Anglo-Saxon / Old English, Polish, DutchUpdate date: 2 months ago

Statistician from Poland
Bartek Łyczakowski
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Last club: MKS SAN-Pajda JarosławLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1995-02-18Update date: 2 months ago

Head coach from Italy
Maurizio Forte
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Pro volleyball coach

Last club: 4 Torri Ferrara VolleyLanguages: English, Italian, SpanishUpdate date: 2 months ago

Head coach from Brazil
Angelo Vidal
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Técnico de Voleibol Feminino e Masculino Base and Adult categories. Trabalhos com equipes de Voleibol Feminino e Masculino. Categorias de Base e Adulto. Project Management / Técnico C.B.V.III Coordenação e Planejamento / Técnico de Desporto Ângelo Vidal do Espírito Santo Cid. Macaé RJ

Last club: Fera/IFF/Vôlei CamposLanguages: Portuguese, English, SpanishBirthday: 1977-05-13Update date: 2 months ago

Mauricio Villarroel
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Mi posicion es libero, actualmente juego en un club federado. Juego desde los 9 años de edad. Mi experiencia libero desde los 13 años. Jugue 3 binacionales 1 argentino..

Languages: SpanishUpdate date: 3 months ago

Head coach from Brazil
João Vitor Soares
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Last club: Mont'i Kiara U19Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, EnglishBirthday: 1991-05-22Update date: 3 months ago

Head coach from Serbia
Dragan Mihailovic
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Dragan Mihailovic, is one of top volleyball coaches from Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia. Dragan Mihailovic is FIVB’s high-performance coach and has more than 25 years of International experience.

Last club: IndiaLanguages: Greek, English, Serbian, FrenchUpdate date: 3 months ago

Head coach from Russia
Igor Voronin
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Last club: Impuls VolgodonskLanguages: English, Turkish, PolishBirthday: 1974-07-23Height: 194cmWeight: 86kgUpdate date: 3 months ago

Head coach from United Kingdom
Cemal Acar
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Volleyball Coach

Last club: Acar Coaching VCLanguages: Turkish, English, RussianBirthday: 1977-04-29Update date: 4 months ago

Herry Siring
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Languages: MalayBirthday: 2001-08-31Update date: 4 months ago

Coach assistant from Russia
Yuri Bylichev
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Last club: RussiaLanguages: Russian, EnglishUpdate date: 4 months ago

Coach assistant from Portugal
Arlindo Miranda
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Volleyball Coach. Switzerland, Spain, Portugal. Level III (TA). FIVB I. DV4 experience as scout.

Last club: VC Kanti SchaffhausenLanguages: Spanish, Portuguese, EnglishBirthday: 1981-06-30Update date: 5 months ago

Head coach from Portugal
Volleyball Coach (Level 3) PhD student in Sports Science

Last club: Boavista FCLanguages: English, Portuguese, SpanishUpdate date: 6 months ago

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