Volleyball staff members looking for a job (235)

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Volleyball staff members looking for a job
Head coach from Greece
Angelos Angelis
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Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1976-12-10Height: 188cmUpdate date: 7 minutes ago

Trainee coach from Turkey
Abdülkadir Aksu
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Geçtiğimiz yıl kadınlar 2. Lig 10. Grup da MFA Zonguldak Voleybol bünyesinde çalıştım.

Languages: TurkishBirthday: 2000-12-23Update date: 7 hours ago

Physical preparation coach from Romania
Stefan Gerea
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As a professional strength and conditioning coach, I apply a scientific approach to training. I am a perfectionist who pays attention to every detail and strives for excellence in my work. I enjoy learning new things from informative conversations and making friends along the way!

Languages: English, RomanianBirthday: 1997-03-17Update date: 1 day ago

Coach assistant from Italy
Volleyball coach

Last club: Rapid BucureștiLanguages: Romanian, Italian, EnglishUpdate date: 2 days ago

Physiotherapist from Greece
James Neofitos
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I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. Health is an investment not an expense!!!

Last club: Foinikas Syros ONEXLanguages: Greek, EnglishBirthday: 1983-09-29Update date: 2 days ago

Coach assistant from Turkey
Ertan Ertekin
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[email protected]

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1983-03-21Height: 195cmWeight: 95kgUpdate date: 3 days ago

Physical preparation coach from Iran
Sergey Nikulenko
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Top lvl Handball coach. Working with volleyball teams as S&C coach. (M/W) Seasonal programs development, limits increasing, result reaching. FIVB Certified. Contact for CV- [email protected]

Languages: English, Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish, FarsiBirthday: 1972-03-20Update date: 3 days ago

Statistician from Poland
Dawid Stępniak
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WhatsApp 511169537

Last club: Enea Energetyk PoznańLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1993-08-20Height: 193cmUpdate date: 3 days ago

Head coach from Cuba
Jesus Cruz
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I am men' trainer of the national choice sub-21 of Cuba

Languages: English, SpanishUpdate date: 1 week ago

Team manager from Turkey
Faruk Yalçın
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I’m looking for the any College Volleyball Team position of Team Manager & Statistician at NCAA (🇺🇸) or U Sports (🇨🇦), for now...

Languages: French, Turkish, EnglishBirthday: 1990-08-01Update date: 1 week ago

Noel M Sembiring
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Hi. I'm 5'11 or 179cm, I'm 18 years old. I'm looking for a chance to play as a professional player in any volleyball team.

Languages: English, IndonesianBirthday: 2005-05-05Update date: 1 week ago

Physiotherapist from Turkey
önder çalışkan
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Ben Spor Fizyoterapisti Önder Çalışkan. Türkiye Ragbi Milli Takım fizyoterapisti aynı zamanda Niksar Belediyespor Voleybol takım fizyoterapisti olarak görev yapmaktayım.

Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1998-06-04Update date: 1 week ago

Statistician from Poland
Aleksandra Tama
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Kontakt [email protected] - Kodowanie meczy przy użyciu programów :Volley Station oraz Data Volley, - nagrywanie meczy i treningów - przygotowywanie game planów; -Stażystka w Chemeko System Gwardia Wrocław 03.2021-04.2022 - W sezonie 2022/23 stażystka w Grupie Azoty Zaksa Kędzierzyn- Koźle

Languages: Polish, English, ItalianUpdate date: 1 week ago

Statistician from Poland
Damian Wyszyński
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Pracuję od początku na Volleystation. •Tworzę scouty, •Nagrywam wideo z meczów, •Przygotowuję game plan, •Analizuję rozegrane wcześniej mecze. Szukam klubu na sezon 2023/24

Last club: Extrans SędziszówLanguages: Polish, EnglishBirthday: 1998-06-09Update date: 1 week ago

Physical preparation coach from Thailand
Paisit Yooyen
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Looking for a job at a club in Japan and other countries If you still have vacancies, please contact me. I have worked with the Volleyball Association of Thailand before.

Languages: Chinese, Thai, EnglishBirthday: 2000-03-17Update date: 1 week ago

Statistician from Argentina
Gabriel Aramayo
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Assistant Coach - Liga Argentina A1 22/23 - Head Coach u18-u21 - Scoutman Datavolley

Last club: Estudiantes de La PlataLanguages: English, PortugueseBirthday: 1991-10-08Height: 183cmWeight: 79kgSpike: 280cmBlock: 260cmUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Physical preparation coach from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. Mirza Demir
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Physical Preparation Coach & Certified Functional Trainer www.demirtrening.com

Languages: English, GermanBirthday: 1984-01-26Update date: 2 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Estonia
Märt Pajusalu
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Assistant coach / Scoutman. Looking for a club for 2023/24 season. Contact for full CV

Languages: English, EstonianBirthday: 1991-08-18Update date: 2 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Latvia
Arvils Keišs
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Last club: LatviaLanguages: Russian, English, LatvianBirthday: 1999-11-24Height: 182cmWeight: 75kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Head coach from Uruguay
Head coach Club Biguá de Villa Biarritz Fivb I Coach. Lic. Physiotherapist (UCU) Uruguay National Team 2011,2015,2017. Sacrificio -Disciplina

Last club: Club Biguá de Villa BiarritzLanguages: Portuguese, Spanish, EnglishBirthday: 1992-08-13Height: 194cmWeight: 88kgUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Italy
Alberto Raho
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Languages: Italian, EnglishBirthday: 1980-01-05Update date: 2 weeks ago

Head coach from Brazil
Issanayê Ramires
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Languages: EnglishBirthday: 1983-12-11Update date: 2 weeks ago

Head coach from Serbia
Mihal Ušjak
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Ambitious young coach from Serbia, ready for new challenges! I have 5 years of experience working with women's youth categories, and 3 year experience working with senior women's categories. 2 seasons as the head coach. Managed to push my team 2 divisions up in 2 years as a head coach.

Last club: OK Mladost Bački PetrovacLanguages: English, Serbian, SlovakBirthday: 2000-07-16Update date: 2 weeks ago

Daniil Markushin
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An active life position. I have the knowledge and skill of preparing a team, as a sports training coach. Pre-season training, getting into peak form, rehabilitation after injuries. Professional card of the trainer of the National University of Fitness; Sports education; Eight years of coaching.

Languages: Russian, EnglishBirthday: 1987-08-27Update date: 2 weeks ago

Statistician from Poland
Paweł Kowalewski
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VOLLEYSTATION [email protected]

Last club: UKS Sparta Grodzisk MazowieckiLanguages: Polish, EnglishBirthday: 1988-07-24Update date: 3 weeks ago

Head coach from Ukraine
I am certified FIVB Coach. I have more than thirty years experience with a different range of volleyball teams. Most of my coaching career is working with women's teams at various levels. Also, I'm Assistant Coach of Ukraine Women's National Volleyball Team.

Languages: Arabic, English, Ukrainian, Croatian, RussianBirthday: 1970-02-13Update date: 3 weeks ago

Head coach from Poland
Jakub Jastrzębski
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Languages: Polish, EnglishBirthday: 1979-11-04Update date: 3 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Turkey
Serhat Topçu
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Birthday: 1994-09-15Height: 174cmWeight: 77kgUpdate date: 3 weeks ago

Coach assistant from Belarus
Kiryl Zahortsau
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Languages: Anglo-Saxon / Old EnglishBirthday: 1986-02-04Update date: 3 weeks ago

Statistician from Poland
Bartek Łyczakowski
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I look for job like staff member. SCOUT,ASSISTENT OR ANALYSE COACH. DV4 and Volley Station Pro WORK SHEETS!

Languages: English, PolishBirthday: 1995-02-18Update date: 4 weeks ago

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