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Coach from Bulgaria
Martin Zhivkov
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Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Professional qualification : Volleyball Coach. Masters degrees in sport Professional qualification: "Physical education and sport “

Last club: VC Syneton Duvel PuursLanguages: English, Croatian, BulgarianBirthday: 1989-01-27Update date: 5 days ago

Coach from Bulgaria
Kristian Michailov
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Pro volleyball coach with the highest level of certificate from FIVB - Coaches Course Level III and a lot of recommendations for job from FIVB Instructors, High-level Coaches & Pro Volleyball Players. More info on http://kristian-michailov.com/

Last club: Levski SofiaLanguages: German, Italian, English, BulgarianBirthday: 1992-05-05Update date: 1 week ago

Coach from Argentina
Gerardo Rey
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I would describe myself as a youth team volleyball coach. I love working at scouting new players, teaching them from the beginning , and helping them to develop their potencial. I do also enjoy working at serious projects, dreaming of constantly growing, based on work group

Last club: Cangallo VoleyLanguages: English, SpanishUpdate date: 2 weeks ago

Santiago Barabino
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Coach since 2014 at the municipal volleyball school in Baradero, dedicated mainly to training categories under 15,16,17,18,19 both male and female: My goal is to continue my professional development in the field of volleyball, expand my knowledge and possibilities.

Languages: English, SpanishBirthday: 1991-05-13Update date: 4 weeks ago

Coach from Turkey
Feridun Manyali
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Hello my name is Feridun A dynamic coach with professional, strategic planning and athletic experience in volleyball. He has the knowledge and certificate of fitness. The volleyball player and the owner have different levels of coaching knowledge in each category.

Last club: Sportsa Academy VolleyballLanguages: EnglishBirthday: 1996-01-01Update date: 1 month ago

Coach from Argentina
El Voleibol = mi Vida. Soy entrenador Fivb 2, con 20 años de experiencia trabajando en la Argentina, en varias categorías desde menores, juveniles y mayores. Estoy en búsqueda de nuevos trabajos por el mundo del voleibol.

Last club: Club Atlético LibertadLanguages: SpanishBirthday: 1969-07-02Update date: 1 month ago

Pierre Tang
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Languages: ThaiUpdate date: 1 month ago

Statistician from Ukraine
Pavlo Sidenko
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looking for a new club, like a statistician and coach assistant

Last club: Sertse PodilliaLanguages: Polish, Ukrainian, English, RussianBirthday: 1980-07-11Update date: 2 months ago

Coach assistant from Italy
Stefano Mascia
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I'm a coach and athletic trainer.

Last club: Stade Poitevin PoitiersLanguages: French, Italian, EnglishBirthday: 1980-02-19Update date: 2 months ago

Coach assistant from Egypt
Mazen Ghanem
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Work to achieve your dream don't depend on anyone.

Last club: Al-Gharafa SC DohaLanguages: Arabic, EnglishUpdate date: 2 months ago

Coach from Argentina
Cristian Ventura
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Profesor en Educación Física Entrenador FIVB II Participación en Campeonato Sudamericano U19 en Neuquen Argentina. Campeonato Mundial U19 en Egipto. Campeonato Mundial U19 en Argelia. Entrenador de equipos profesionales en 17 temporadas con equipos de Ligas Argentinas. Instructor Oficial FeVA.

Last club: Club Social y Deportivo La CaleraLanguages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, ItalianBirthday: 1970-03-03Update date: 5 months ago

Coach from Spain
worker, with experience also with young categories. Datavolley

Last club: Þróttur NeskaupstaðLanguages: English, Portuguese, SpanishBirthday: 1983-01-26Update date: 2 weeks ago

Dominican Republic
Jugador básico de volleyball

Update date: 4 weeks ago

Coach from Austria

Last club: Supervolley WelsLanguages: English, GermanBirthday: 1989-11-01Update date: 1 month ago

Coach from Ukraine

Last club: Atyrau VCLanguages: English, RussianUpdate date: 1 month ago

Coach from Argentina
I’m a volleyball Coach Argentina Men National Team

Last club: UNTREF VóleyLanguages: Italian, English, SpanishUpdate date: 1 month ago

Coach from Ukraine
Coach. FIVB level 3. Men's, women's teams. Junior teams. Development. Result.

Last club: Sertse PodilliaLanguages: Serbo-Croatian, Arabic, Russian, English, UkrainianBirthday: 1964-05-25Update date: 2 months ago

Coach from Uruguay
Volleyball coach with more than 35 years of experience in formative and first teams in the best divisions in Argentina achieving promotions and winning championships. Focused on personal and sportive development of the players. as well as recruitment of talents.

Last club: Club San GregorioLanguages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, GermanUpdate date: 2 months ago

Coach from France
Dynamic coach with 15 years of organizational, strategic planning and athletic training experience in volleyball. Possessing knowledge related to coaching all categories at different levels.

Last club: EDM-MVBL-Lys Lez LannoyLanguages: French, Arabic, EnglishBirthday: 1983-05-20Update date: 2 months ago

Coach from Argentina

Last club: Red Star Lawn Tenis ClubLanguages: English, Portuguese, SpanishBirthday: 1982-02-10Update date: 2 months ago

Coach from Iran
A professional coach

Last club: Shahrdari GonbadUpdate date: 2 months ago

Volleyball coach - Physical Education Teacher - Sports Coach

Languages: English, French, SpanishBirthday: 1995-11-02Update date: 2 months ago

Coach from Argentina
Coach FIVB 1 Physical education teacher

Last club: Mupol VoleyLanguages: English, Italian, SpanishUpdate date: 2 months ago

Coach from Poland

Last club: UKS Sparta Grodzisk MazowieckiLanguages: English, PolishBirthday: 1984-09-20Update date: 2 months ago


Update date: 2 months ago

Coach from Ukraine
I am certified FIVB Coach. I have more than twenty-five years experience with a different range of volleyball teams. Most of my coaching career is working with women's teams at various levels. Also, I'm Assistant Coach of Ukraine Women's National Volleyball Team.

Last club: Club Sportif SfaxienLanguages: Russian, Arabic, English, Ukrainian, CroatianBirthday: 1970-02-13Update date: 3 months ago

Coach from Egypt
Head coach for smouha volleyball club

Last club: Smouha Sporting ClubUpdate date: 3 months ago

Coach from Argentina
Work Trajectory:2019 Head Coach, National Team u21 Men´s Argentian, World Championship Bahrein/ 2017-2018 Head Coach, National Team Women´s Argentian, ODESUR Game, Cochabamba (2nd Place)/ 2015 Head Coach, National Team Men´s Argentian 2015 Team B, Pan American Cup (2nd place), Reno, USA, Team u23

Last club: Argentina U21Birthday: 1980-10-17Update date: 3 months ago

Coach from Azerbaijan

Last club: Jakarta Pertamina EnergiUpdate date: 3 months ago

Coach from Iran

Last club: Iran U19Update date: 3 months ago

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