Russian doping scandal

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2020-11-20 • 1293 wyświetleń • 1 replies

I have just seen a movie Icarus (do recommend very much), about the Russian state-sponsored doping system. The mastermind behind it, Grigoriy Rodichenkov speaks about doping system which has been decieving anti-doping control for years. In 2015/2016 there was a great affair, which was followed by another affair in 2019, when WADA expelled Russian sports federation from Olympics.

I did some research because I wondered whether the volleyballers were doped as well. And I found an interesting article ( stating that Giba called out 7 russian players for being doped during the 2012 Olympics. No names, no proofs, just his statement (but with the background of systematic doping in Russia very serious allegation).

However, even a small possibility of those heros on doping is quite a devastating one. This fact is really putting a bad light on the russian volleyball players. Remembering happy faces of Muserskiy, Tetyukhin after their incredible turn around is making me feel bittersweet emotion now.

Please, share your knowledge, opinions and thoughts about that polemical matter.

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A lot of Americans are using illegal substances, not just in volleyball but in another sports too. A lot of players are protected by their own country (USA for example, not sure about Russia) so they can do whatever they want and it's so unfair. 

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