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Jaqueline Carvalho (3nd movie)

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She demonstrated his great potential playing in World Championship and World Grand Prix. Jaqueline is a 2 time Olympic champion, winning in 2008 and 2012. Carvalho was named Best Receiver at the World Championship 2006 in Japan, where Brazil claimed the silver medal after a loss in the final against Russia. She won the silver medal and Best Spiker award at the World Grand Prix 2010. Jaqueline was part of the National Team that won the gold medal at the 2011 Pan American Games held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Jaqueline and Brazil's national team won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. On August 24, 2013 she won a fourth gold medal of the World Grand Prix after winning final match against Japan. Playing with Sollys Nestlé Osasco, Carvalho won the gold medal and the Best Receiver award in the Club World Championship 2012 in Doha. She is married with Murilo Endres.


Tytuł piosenki: Feel This Moment - Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera
Jaqueline Carvalho

Jaqueline Carvalho (Jaque) Brazylia

Data urodzenia: 1983-12-31
Pozycja: Przyjmujący
Wzrost: 186cm
Waga: 70kg
Zasięg w ataku: 317cm
Zasięg w bloku: 298cm

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