Kazakhstan - Brazil (World Grand Prix 2013, full match)

voleifuturo 2013-08-19 • 1860 просмотров
Brazil with 8 wins goes to World Grand Prix Final Six. In the last match they won against Kazakhstan 3:0. Brazil demonstrated their strength, stopping Kazakhstan players, which had difficulties in attack. Invisibility were both Kazakh middle blockers: Lyudmilla Issayeva and Olga Nassedkina. Thaisa Menezes played great game with 17 points. Brazil achieved easy win and found place in Final Six, 2nd place with 23 points. Kazakh national team is on 17th place with 4 points. Brazil's player Sheilla Castro was happy with the team's performance Kazakhstan. "We were on top of our goal today to obtain three very important points. The previous matches were also important in helping us get into the final round in Sapporo." Kazakhstan coach Oleksandr Gutor was happy to host Brazil and hoped his team learned the lessons of playing against the Olympic champions. "It has become a tradition for Brazil to win [here]. That's the next step for them towards the gold medal. Brazil is a long-standing leader in world volleyball and it was a delight to have played against them."

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