Argentina - Croatia (full match)

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Inaugural match of Women's World Championship 2014 in Rome. Croatia won against Argentina 3:1 (25:17, 26:28, 26:24, 25:19). Argentina’s last appearance in a World Championship was during the German edition in 2002, while Croatia’s best placement was the 6th place in the 1998 Japan edition. Samanta Fabris led Croatia with 16 points and Mia Jerkov added 14 points. In the first set Croatia's Senna Usic Jogunica made 80% of positive reception and 75% of attack’s efficiency! Today there will be two very hard matches for Croatia and Argentina: the first one will face the host team Italy, and the second one will challenge Germany.

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Date: 23.09.2014
Place: "PalaLottomatica" Hall, Rome (ITA)
Match: Argentina - Croatia 1:3 (Group A, 1st match)
Kind of tournament: Women World Championships 2014


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